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Intelius Intelligence to Unearth Facts
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
It's not unprecedented to excavate antiquities in the modern day. Furthermore, with information revolution sweeping through our planet, it has become desirable for companies and individuals to uncover requisite information for business escalation and personal growth. In the present day, conglomerates and people are on the constant lookout for efficient information services to track insights, facts, and verification and identify roadblocks in order to make wise decisions. However, majority of the services available today are very convoluted with high maintenance costs. Surmounting this impediment, Intelius, headquartered in Bellevue, WA, can help organizations and individuals by presenting people and their connections in a contextually relevant manner that provides insights that users have not seen before. "Our information search solutions have helped people to move forward in their lives and make smarter decisions," delineates Prakash Kondepudi, President and CEO, Intelius.

With a vision to deliver facts, the public records business encompasses all information pertaining to the birth records, property records, criminal records, bankruptcy, court judgment, of people nationwide and keys the information from public records and commercially available records.

Intelius's flagship product, People Search, helps locate a user's contact information, conducts address search, and reconnects with family and friends. "If a person is in search of a long lost cousin and does not hold information other than the name of the person, through our People Search solution, the person concerned can be traced," adds Kondepudi. The solution can be of great help during natural disasters. For instance-during the hurricane season, as weather forecasts map out the path, Intelius' solution can be used to mine details concerning the families living in the stretch. Intelius specializes in search services related to people, and is able to provide real value to customers because they've mastered the ability to instantly deliver accurate and relevant information. "We basically integrate all the information in a single platform and then inaccurate information is filtered out," adds Kondepudi.

Additionally, Intelius's Reverse Phone Lookup product gives a detailed report about anonymous callers alongside offering complete details like the phone type and carrier, owner's name, location, address history, age, and relatives. "In a hypothetical situation, the solution is able to track the caller by name John Smith, and hence after the details are attained, a follow up with the phone call can be done," says Kondepudi.

Intelius is also widely known for its background check capabilities, even providing extended services like background criminal and civil record verification with the courts. "We go several steps beyond what ordinary caller ID information can obtain," adds Kondepudi.

A multitude of people have derived benefits from Intelius. In one instance, a girl who was trying diligently to locate her biological father approached Intelius. With much assistance from the staff of Intelius and through their People Search solution, she was finally able to locate the place where he lived.

With the information services landscape only becoming more innovative with new technologies, Intelius plans to develop and strengthen their services to ensure its customers are met with complete satisfaction. Future plans include visual representation of people data in a 'six-degrees' of separation concept that will allow users to see how they are connected with other people, places, and things. Intelius is currently focusing only on the U.S. market but eventually could extend its paradigm worldwide. "We want to reach out to the world with all our services and solutions," concludes Kondepudi.
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