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Seven Lakes Technologies Drilling Data through Enterprise Grade Analytics
SI Team
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
As the oil and gas arena moves to unconventional resource areas, industry projects are becoming larger and more complex. Shortage of technical talent with respect to IT in the oil and gas industry complicates the way companies translate business problems into people-process- technology solutions. “Primarily, most oil and gas companies – while highly innovative; are non-tech savvy and they do not have access to the right resources to make those impacts,” says Shiva Rajagopalan, President and CEO of Seven Lakes Technologies. By bringing together engineering and computer science to technologically explore the untouched area of oil and gas, Rajagopalan founded Seven Lakes Technologies. “This collaboration gave us tremendous opportunity to bring the latest technologies to help customers, traditionally working with large amounts of data, to reach the next level,” says Rajagopalan.

Bringing advancement to the current state of affairs in the industry, Seven Lakes Technologies, headquartered in Westlake Village, CA, provides innovative enterprise software for upstream oil and gas companies. The company helps customers make smart production decisions boost capital efficiency and optimize cost performance by delivering data analytics, enterprise mobility, collaborative workflows and field data capture technology solutions. “Our workflow products enable process automation, enterprise- wide collaboration, and seamless integration, taking operational efficiency to the next level,” states Rajagopalan.

Seven Lakes Technologies provides a comprehensive product suite known as analytics and data management— purpose built for oil and gas producers. Essentially, the suite comprises of master data management products, production and operations analytics, finance and accounting analytics, drilling and completions analytics to uncover actionable insights from troves of data. For instance, oilfield drilling data is typically analyzed using spreadsheets which makes it difficult to visualize and segment data. In this scenario, the Drilling and Completions analytics provides enterprise-grade ability to monitor drilling metrics across all phases of the drilling program, from pre-spud to drilling to completion, allowing users to review performance and adjust the plan for the program’s drilling outlook.

In addition, Well Lifecycle Manager from Seven Lakes Technologies also helps enterprises manage and maintain critical well master data and enable integration of new well- setup processes in a fully configurable manner. The Well Lifecycle Manager is designed to improve the accuracy of enterprise data and process data maintenance across all systems. “We not only leverage big data technology, but also deliver reduction in both general and administrative expense, operations cost, and help clients maximize their assets,” adds Rajagopalan.
Apart from delivering superior products and analytics solutions that add sustainable value to customers, Seven Lakes Technologies also provides consulting services, training, change management, and support to customers. “Our expert technical and functional consultants will ensure our clients receive excellent implementation support, in-depth training, and trouble-free deployments, leading to a smooth product roll-out experience,” states Rajagopalan. “We offer comprehensive user training and change management as a core part of our overall consulting and product deployment process.”

Consistently innovating to create value, Seven Lakes Technologies has helped several customers with the right product deployment and ensured their success and adoption rate. As an example, one of the company’s Oklahoma clients had a problem with downtime and production loss due to data complexity. Seven Lakes Technologies solved this impediment by simplifying data through their analytics product. This also reduced the client’s downtime by 50 percent translating to a bottom line impact of more than $100 million. Poised for steady growth, Seven Lakes Technologies is looking ahead to strengthen its presence in North America in the coming years.
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