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Redberri Philanthropic Approach towards Technology
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
The reason behind the glinting smiles of 4, 50,000 odd students of Gujarat Technical University (GTU), India is Deepak Kant Vyas, CEO of Redberri. Vyas has taken a step forward in his philanthropic journey by signing an MOU with GTU to provide an innovation centre to the students, who can now brainstorm ideas, which could potentially be turned into products for the thousands of firms worldwide. "Redberri is backed by over 8000 innovators and we have collaborated with GTU where thousands of students will help us strengthen our solutions," says Vyas. He acquired Redberri previously part of Web Den Interactive (WDI), the forward-looking software development division of Brunswick New Technologies.

St. Louis-based Redberri engineers software to handle data integration by taking data from several sources and directing the data to several sources in real time. Redberri is completely platform-independent, eliminating the need for the extensive redesign of legacy systems or the development of stand-alone solutions for each partner. The company's solutions are particularly suited to helping manufacturers deal with diverse back end systems and large, fragmented distribution networks. Redberri also functions equally well as an internal systems-only integration engine for a variety of business models. Redberri allows organizations to substantially reduce costs, streamline supply chain efficiencies, and strengthen relationships with trading partners.

The team at Redberri is passionate about e-Governance. They are at the forefront of helping countries in making the process of passport authorization or obtaining driver license easier along with visa on arrival, through proper cyber security measure. "Cyber security is being challenged at every government level. We are providing authentication and identification," explains Vyas. "Authentication process is vital in the cyber world and identification follows authentication. We are investing millions in this arena since it affects our finance industry as well."

Another offering from the firm is Redberri Enterprise that offers a complete set of tools, including source code, to allow organizations connect, automate, and monitor business processes and transactions within their business and between other organizations. The platform offers business process workflow with full graphic visualization, security to protect data, process scheduling for management of jobs/dependencies and file events between distributed applications, automatic notifications to promote enterprise workflow and complete source code, allowing Redberri to meet a firm's needs. An illustration of the platform is potently showcased via a renowned retailer who has connected the cash registers in their stores across the world to get a real time inventory, with the help of Redberri. The client feeds all the information regarding their purchases and is able to measure the inventory levels as data is transmitted in real time from their check out register enabling the customer to grow their business by 63-64 percent.

Redberri is also helping institutions at all levels drive learner achievement by creating personalized and engaging learning experiences'the kind of practice, that when achieved on a wide scale, brings about improved measurable change in learning results. Redberri Classroom in the Box has been designed to address the online learning needs. It incorporates content management, and allows for professional development, as well as addressing the needs of anyone in a learning environment. It was designed for use by schools, institutions, government, organizations, and corporations. The company also operates book banks, which is a unique concept and autonomous by several colleges all over the world. "We are not the face but heart of an organization providing philanthropic approach towards technology," concludes Vyas.
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