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Springpath Redefining the Compute and Storage Era with SMART Hyperconvergence
SI Team
Monday, October 19, 2015
With evolving technology, organizations are producing more information in electronic format, from a variety of different applications resulting in both compute and storage challenges. Although, the appetite for compute and storage continues to grow, staying ahead of these requirements is a time-consuming challenge for enterprises. Managing data for performance, integrity, and scalability is the need of the hour. In such a scenario, delivering new approach towards infrastructure is Springpath, a CA-based company offering software based compute and storage solution that run on standard servers. The company is the pioneer in hyper convergence software, turning standard servers of choice into a single pool of compute and storage resources.

"Storage is traditionally found in a monolithic box driven approach which is not equipped to meet the performance and capacity needs of the applications cost-effectively," says Mallik Mahalingam, Founder, and CTO of Springpath. "We put an end to expensive and inefficient storage arrays by offering a single data platform for virtualized and containerized workloads." Springpath data platform provides a software solution that customers can deploy and scale using their preferred hardware vendor. The storage data can be used in the VM-based environment or container-based environment, depending on their changing business needs.

The company's VM-centric, enterprise-class data services delivers shared storage capabilities such as dynamic load balancing, live migration of virtual machines, high availability, and data protection. "At Springpath, we are building a system that can solve compute issues, performance, and storage problems of organizations single-handedly and instantaneously," says Mahalingam. The company's data platform is based on Springpath's patent pending Hardware Agnostic Log-structured Objects (HALO) architecture, which was engineered from the ground to deliver superior data services, storage efficiency, high performance and scalability without limitations. HALO is a single data platform that is architected to manage a variety of environments such as virtual, OpenStack, physical, and containerized workloads.

The company's platform contains the feature of re-balancing algorithm that evenly distributes data among different sectors of organizations, balancing the data accordingly without any disparity. It is also important to note that using adaptive scaling capabilities, customers can grow their compute, caching or capacity resources independently, depending on their changing business needs. Simultaneously, the company proactively monitors organizations' infrastructure to ensure flexibility, and always-on availability schemes.

Springpath aims to drive benefits for enterprises by solving a plethora of vital pain points regarding compute and storage issues in the digital age. In one such instance, Sigma Designs, a provider in the system-on-chip (SoC) market knocked on the doors of Springpath. Sigma Designs were facing the issue of long DevOps provisioning time, poor storage performance and lack of backups that put the organization at risk of downtime and productivity loss. Sigma Designs were looking for a single solution that would simplify and centralize the control of its operations while increasing IT elasticity and performance. Eventually, the Springpath Data Platform allowed Sigma Design to deploy a single hyper-converged infrastructure solution that turns compute and storage into a single pool of resources and scales performance linearly that significantly accelerated their productivity. "After implementing our solution, Sigma Designs gained the benefits of instant VM provisioning and cloning, daily snapshots for data protection, and consistent high storage performance," notes Mahalingam.

Springpath's technology leadership and focused approach to fostering a culture of innovation has led the company to be a game changer in the market. With a proven history of commitment to producing superior results, the company is looking forward to expand its operations around the globe in the upcoming years and break further ground in industry.
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