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Clatter Chatter One Stop Shop for Digital Marketing Needs
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
In this new age of digitization, having an online platform to create persuasive content is the new norm for organizations. Social Media is redefining the way organizations market their brands. The multitalented Neha Chaku Tankha, Founder and CEO, Clatter Chatter, has a Master's Degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy, as well as an MBA in HR. While working as a radio jockey, she realized that organizations are spending a fortune, marketing on traditional media like radio and television, compared to online and social media platforms.

In order to help such enterprises create an effective online platform, Union City, CA-based Clatter Chatter acts as a one stop shop for all social media marketing needs from reputation management, content creation, platform management, website development to monitoring and measuring brand impact, brand strategy and adhoc designs.

Clatter Chatter facilitates companies to have an online platform to market their brand. We initially focused on popular social media platforms and blogs for marketing, says Neha. Today, people are too busy to read blogs, visual content is the way. Infographics, videos and great content with a strong call to action, is how we make brands go viral.

Through Social Media, Clatter Chatter facilitates powerful brand stories, aligned with the client's business strategy, that touch consumers' lives. They firmly believe that content is king as it plays a crucial role in communicating the right message which makes brands go viral. They focus on making customers interact with the brand, for at least 30 seconds every day, to boost brand recall. "We transform brands by using a 360 degree approach that adds value to our clients' business," says Neha.

"Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing, and Social Media is word of mouth on steroids," says Neha. Clatter Chatter helps clients embrace negative feedback and satisfy customers by creating better memories through their reputation management service. "A recent survey claims, 90 percent people say that their purchasing decisions are effected by positive reviews online," adds Neha. They believe in humanizing the brand by interacting with customers, while helping clients pay attention to their areas of improvement.

Through their innovative website management service, the company helps clients create catchy and well-structured content which is compelling and interactive, while giving top priority to security. They also rely on SEO to ensure that the website's searchability goes up.

One of Clatter Chatter's clients, with a huge hotel chain across U.S., approached the company as they had no online presence and received continuous negative feedback for one of their hotels. Clatter Chatter helped them by offering reputation management services that transformed the brand's perception. Through the service, the client witnessed a steady growth in the number of rooms that were booked in the hotel. They also eliminated fake reviews that were being posted on the online platform.

In the coming years, Clatter Chatter aims to expand their operations geographically, while utilizing the benefits of technology such as Big Data. "We are looking at utilizing Big Data in an effective way to predict customers' purchase behavior," concludes Neha.
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