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DataMotion Delivering Electronic Information in a Secure and Compliant Fashion
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
In light of the recent surge in data breach incidents, several organizations have begun encrypting their data using algorithms or ciphers, to ensure privacy throughout electronic communication. However, commenting about the challenges in the encryption space, Mahesh Muchhala says, Standalone encryption solutions have not kept pace with market needs, and need to evolve to secure mobile, application, and portal workflows. Muchhala's attempts to find a solution for the long-standing concerns resulted in the conceptualization of DataMotion, a firm, which today provides secure data delivery solutions. Our secure data delivery platform is the result of 16 years of experience and investment in the evolving secure data delivery field, notes Muchhala, Chairman and Co-Founder, DataMotion.

We allow our customers and technology partnersto securely exchange sensitive information with their partners and customers in the cloud in full compliance with privacy regulations, says Muchhala. DataMotion provides security services to sensitive data and protects them against attacks by hackers. For data in motion such as email and file transfers,the firm simplifies the end-to-end user experience, by providing robust web service APIs to transparently integrate secure messaging into larger solutions.We can use RESTful APIs to exchange secure data with mobile apps at one endpoint, and exchange it with a protocol like SFTP or SMTP, or even the Direct project, extols Muchhala. This flexibility enables the firm to satisfy integrations with service platforms such Salesforce.com, and apps on Android and iOS as endpoints.

SecureMail is our branded email encryption service.The most popular being SecureMail Desktop, works virtually with any email service and client as an overlay service, states Muchhala. It is a user selectable, on-demand email encryption service that routes email securely to the DataMotion SaaS, where it is encrypted using AES256 and TLS, and sent to any recipient email address.

SecureMail Desktop is complemented by the SecureMail Gateway, which is a policy filter server that automates the encryption process by scanning all email and attachments for content that should be encrypted before sending, Muchhala adds. When the gateway identifies the need for encryption, it automatically routes the message to the DataMotion SaaS for SecureMail encryption and delivers it to the recipient securely. The benefit of using the gateway server and encryption service in tandem removes the human error factor, greatly increasing regulatory compliance and data safety. DataMotion's SecureMail portfolio prevents disclosure of privateand identifiable information or financial data.

We have not only worked with international customers and OEMs like Dell SonicWALL, but also have been successful in several verticals like healthcare, finance, education, and government, asserts Muchhala.He continues, We are also an accredited Health Information Service Provider (HISP) of Direct Secure Messaging, which takes our traditional security and compliance value proposition to the next level. DataMotion applies this skill and experience to help Health IT companies and healthcare providers pursue the triple aim of improving care and improving outcomes, while reducing costs.

For instance, using the DataMotion Direct Community Web Portal, Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) could achieve Meaningful Use 2 requirements in a short amount of time. With this DataMotion has become a key ingredient in mHealth applications as well.

Staying in line with the healthcare industry, the market is undergoing a shakeout of the HISPs that are not prepared to help in shaping and changing how healthcare is delivered, says Muchhala. It is time for HISP 2.0. DataMotion is leading the way, adding real value and applying our deep secure data delivery experience and technology to solve interoperability issues between Health IT platforms, and embrace the movement to true patient engagement and population health, concludes Muchhala.

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