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XDBS Enhancing Accuracy and Preciseness of Marketing Campaigns
SI Team
Monday, October 19, 2015
Sales and marketing departments are working under pressure to generate significant ROI out of their processes. From basic marketing campaigns to sales follow ups, the departments are expected to produce revenue from every stage in sales operations. Such business imperatives around marketing landscape are driving the deployment of IT solutions that can proficiently offer valuable insights to sales people.

Kartik Anand, Founder and President, XDBS with his profound experience and expertise in the domain considers this trend as an opportunity to outperform in building enterprise-class B2B sales acceleration solutions. Instituted with a single mission to add value to client's sales and marketing operations, XDBS-a sales intelligence provider succeeds in making a considerable mark in the industry. The company achieves such prominence by offering entire gamut of services and solutions in the areas of database, customer intelligence, opportunity creation, and lead management. "Leveraging knowledge of these areas, our Company offers intelligent inputs and cutting-edge predictability that in turn boosts up the performance of client's marketing-campaigns," says Anand.

The Company offers an on-demand, performance-based sales opportunity platform, ReadyFunnel that identifies potential leads, and enables organizations to gain access to those focus accounts with surety. According to Anand, "Sales people spend about 70 percent of the time in searching and getting access to right contacts." ReadyFunnel saves the sales person's time by offering instant access to all intelligence and information needed to target a deal. Such streamlined approach helps representatives to be more efficient and close more business deals. "The leads offered by ReadyFunnel have helped our customers to experience over 300 percent rise in sales and marketing performance," says Anand.

In an endeavor to generate similar performance, XDBS offers a subscription based service, ContactSure that provides unique 360 degree view for organization's accounts. The accounts cover a wide range of information such as technological infrastructure maps, revenue details, and other associated reports. Complete data is logically comprehended and presented to client as information having deep sales potential. "Our understanding of organizational data and trends help the clients to craft best possible sales strategy," proclaims Anand.

Utilizing such dexterity, XDBS has provided services to over 50 leading technology and marketing enterprises around the world. One of the XDBS's clients, a leading technology corporation, wanted to streamline its marketing campaign as they faced predicaments with several deactivated leads. XDBS took up the challenge and created a reactivation plan that included mapping the leads with concrete intelligence, re-aligning the information, updating the contacts and conducting multiple campaigns. "Our sound knowledge on leads empowered the client's sales team to approach the potential leads confidently and convert as much as 12 percent leads into actual sales opportunity," says Anand. In another example, a client, a renowned leader in online security and threat management, capitalized on the prowess of XDBS to target as many as 25,000 leads and convert 1,500 of them into sales opportunities."As a result, our client witnessed improvements in terms of response time, quality up gradation, and performance hike."

XDBS proffers such multitudes of benefits and achieves distinguished position in market by its flair to cover wide-range of geographies, offer broad array of B2B services, access different audience personas, and build worldwide partnerships. Having such strong foothold over sales and marketing landscape, the company plans to further strengthen its presence over the regions of Costa Rica and Delhi NCR. "These new locations will employ a robust pool of 200 professionals to support our responsible growth. This is in addition to the company's existing 400+ workforce in Pune and Delhi" concludes Anand.
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