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InfoFaces Business Consulting Services through Predictive Analytics
SI Team
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
With the myriad of complex business challenges that companies face today, the need for comprehensive business consulting service is gaining demand. Today,business-consulting firms face challenges in providingtime-bound services. The critical pain-points that need to be addressed immediately in this domain are the absence of proper risk analytics to determine success or failure of a client's project or recent investments. The prediction of the revenue channel data of a firm also needs to be precise to determine profits and ROIs of the client. The latest trend in the consulting industry is the use of big data and predictive analytics that help in predicting outcomes of client strategies and business decisions. InfoFaces is a global business-consulting firm, which has been addressing these challenges through its solutions. "InfoFaces provides factor solutions to our customers that enable them to reach out for newer products," says Kishore Kochi, CEO of InfoFaces.

InfoFaces provides consulting services based on predictive analytics in various domains. The firm focuses on the critical issues of the clients and helps to increase customer responses and decrease churn. "We analyze and predict results based on data using complex algorithms and help clients improve their business outcomes and become more agile in the marketplace," adds Kochi. The InfoFaces IT consulting services provides expert opinion on the potential of their clients' IT resources. InfoFaces's consulting services cover big data, IT optimization and performance, and application rationalization. "The optimization and performance service helps clients to reduce unnecessary operating cost and capital spending thus adding value to the business," reveals Kochi. Another service from the firm is Application Rationalization that helps to weed out obsolete and redundant applications in the client's portfolio. The method follows a four-step process of data collection, application profiling and value analysis, opportunity mapping, and benefits realization and implementation roadmap. "We also provide IT outsourcing service and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for today's businesses in a cost-effective manner," adds Kochi.

The stellar services attract many clients. The company had helped a global telecommunication service provider to mitigate their lack of real-time prediction of the undertaken orders that hindered the efficiency of the client. Moreover, there was a need to categorize the orders as per the risk factor and revenue acceleration. In addition, backlogged orders were also a cause for the company's low performance. With process analytics, the client could obtain coherent operations. It also incorporated preventive measures to mitigate the risk of the company. InfoFaces provided an analytical tool that helped in order management by improving the end-to-end visibility to the Customer Care Managers. An integrated database system was achieved to view and track order details. A region-wise map of the customer location was conceived where order details were displayed in the risk analytics view. As a result, the clients' end to end cycle time was reduced drastically.

The uniqueness of the firm lies in being agile and lean. The small size of the company also enables them to provide specialized services to the clients. "We can provide customized solutions to clients that are not possible for a big company," adds Kochi.

In the upcoming days, InfoFaces plans to expand its footprints to Europe, Middle East, and Australia. "We want to expand in other verticals by providing updated and cost-effective solutions to our customers," concludes Kochi.
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