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Cloud and Mobile (CM) Technology Solutions Creating a Global Platform for Small Businesses
Sameer Penakalapati
CEO and President-Avani Technology Solutions
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Cloud and Mobile technologies are disrupting small businesses to compete globally, and sharing the world platform with biggest and most notable players in the industry. First time ever in the business landscape, for some industries (more of services industry) the cloud and mobile technologies creating a competitive platform for small business and keeping big firms unfavorable competition. This situation was never un-heard in the past.

Technology is constantly changing and so the business has to constantly reinvent to stay relevant in the business. The change can be process, people or products. To adopt these changes quickly and timely can be costly for businesses. Also small businesses come with limited funds and that need to be directed towards building a product or service and leaving very little to manage the business operations. Here comes 'Cloud and Mobile' solutions developed by third parties can be rented on a need basis. The carefully considered suitable solution that comes with not only provides a great solution but also makes it available on mobile devices, connected to social networking platforms, intelligent analytics, and so many other bells-whistles at a fraction of the cost incompare to developing on its own.

Without having to build data centers and expensive consulting charges, the businesses simply can buy a service on a monthly pay-service. This subscription based service eliminating capital expenditure for infrastructure completely. The cloud and mobile technology platforms are helping businesses to improve its efficiency and global reach at a fraction of the cost of the traditional business practices. The important business operations such as customer engagement, HR processes, sales engagement, SEO, Website, Social Media Advertisement, Focus groups engagement and many more specialized tasks are some of the notable key business processes that cloud and mobile applications embrace to businesses. Businesses doesn't need to be tech-savvy to engage these platforms to run their busi nesses, simply they need to have a strategy and guidance to help choose best suitable platform for their businesses.

The best way to adopt new technologies on cloud and mobile platform is to look out what competitors are doing, research industry solutions out there in your industry, and have your own strategy or customization to adopt a right solution for your business. Also, take advantage of new upgrades and features that are helpful in anything that helps you to reach out to your customers a better and faster way, know your competitors through intelligent analytics, and use powerful analytics (that comes with the tools and also can customize) to know how your business is operating. Go social, brag about your products and services, host conferences, attend conferences, sponsor research in your market, show-case as an industry expert, and all of these will help you reach out to your targeted customers. Take advantage of SEO, Google Analytics, Targeted Ads from Google/Facebook and other social networking tools, and numerous free/ low-cost-fee social networking platforms to market your products and customers.

43 percent of Enterprise- decision makers plan to run majority of business applications over the Internet by 2015, per Akamai study reported in Nov-2014. Today, about 85 percent of new software is build to work on cloud platform. As per PwC report, 1/3rd of savings in using cloud platform compare on onpremise platform, not to mention, savings on capital expenditure to setup infrastructure. Some businesses project 16 percent in cost savings with the cloud. Obviously, it's cheaper than just having your own on-site system. 94 percent experience security benefits. 94 percent gain better legal compliance or legal compliance template comes with the product or whatever system they buy.

The cloud and mobile strategy is creating a platform to put customer products and services to end customers or consumers inhand directly, thus by saving all the costs associated with market and sales channels and driving up companies end profitability. It is also creating a very competitive market to its consumers or competitors by properly adopting these cloud and mobile strategy to its core business operations.

The technology products will continue to build for cloud platform, and these will change the way businesses operate and reach its customers in the near future. It is up to businesses to adopt these positive changes to increase profits by adopting customers faster, ability to create positive experience, and most importantly stay competitive in your market.
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