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DCR Workforce Solutions to Manage, Procure, and Analyze Talent
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
As the contingent workforce continues to grow, managing this unique population requires innovative thinking and solutions. This non-employee workforce offers organizations the ability to tap into the extensive networks of individuals with hard-to-find skills. The benefits are many, but the challenges of finding and managing this decentralized workforce cannot be ignored.DCR Workforce, one of the leading service providers of contingent workforce management and service procurement solutions, offers a unified approach to managing all aspects of non-employee engagement through its cloud-based Smart Track Talent and Vendor Management System (VMS). At DCR, the approach is to deliver a data-driven solution, which supports the CIO office in its demands for talent acquisition, says Ammu Warrier, President of DCR Workforce.

According to Ammu, the threats faced, including skill shortages in certain sectors, and the challenges associated with changing workforce demographics are altering the way workforce is being managed. Technology-related trends, such as the growing popularity of the Internet of Things and wearable technology, the continued growth of the social-mobile cloud, and the introduction of gamification in talent management, have made an impact on present solutions. We have a market intelligence team that is focused on staying on top of what's trending in the non-employee workforce market and the staffing industry, states Ammu.

Smart Track, DCR's SaaS based VMS, provides full support for all aspects of contingent workforce management. It is an ecosystem to manage all non-employees through the entire lifecycle, including engagement, compliance, procurement, spend management, approvals, and controls. Ammu adds, What makes Smart Track unique is its innovative user experience in combination with features that are designed to work flawlessly with minimal technical knowledge.The program offers a simple user experience with intuitive workflows.

From finding and selecting candidates to on-boarding and off-boarding them, DCR's contingent workforce solutions remove the complexity of managing non-employee workforces by providing the technology and hands-on assistance that companies need. Acting as an agent to clients, DCR negotiates terms, conditions, and rates with supplied contractors, internally sourced payroll workers, and/or independent contractors, and then monitors their performance to ensure the success of the contingent workforce program. We also have Smart Track xCHANGE, an interactive community dedicated to matching top talent with top staffing professionals to fill the needs of our clients, mentions Ammu. The company also provides services like a unique implementation methodology, change management, and customer support to help companies realize and maximize the value of their investment.

DCR recently launched a Managed Service Provider (MSP)/VMS program for a prominent marketing solutions firm that was in need of analyzing the costs of their almost 6,000 workers in order to reduce expenditure. After analyzing the data, the client noticed a glaring anomaly in the company spend - excessive overtime. DCR recommended implementing a cap on extra time and adding an approval step into the workflow. Workers who were completing extra hours were limited and were required to justify the necessity, explains Ammu. Because of the new process and limitation, the company saw a drop of 83 percent in spend in this category alone.

DCR's product roadmap is driven by the needs and requirements of its customers. We are committed to using innovative approaches such as gamification, social media, and artificial intelligence to not only provide simple solutions to complex problems for our customers but to also resonate with them, concludes Ammu.

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