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October - 2015 - issue > Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S.
Conch Technologies Inc. Increasing ROI on Customer's IT budgets
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
Having learned the impending need for a "one-stop-shop" that meet the IT requirements of small, medium and large enterprises, Madhu Maredu, CEO, Conch Technologies Inc. (CTI), provides services ranging from application management to data warehousing and business intelligence. With years of experience in IT, Memphis, TN based Conch Technologies has been successful in cutting down the cost of production. Founded with a vision to deliver qualitative services for enterprises, CTI quickly gained traction in the mid-south area, servicing clients from various domains. "Conch provides top quality talent in the field of clinical research, manufacturing, and embedded engineering," remarks Maredu. Addressing the demand for 'home-based professionals,' Conch houses a multitude of professionals for planning, development, and implementation, who represent the company at the clients' location. In this light, Maredu says, "We have gradually been able to tap into resources from every city across the U.S. and are able to service clients with local resources in any city required."

Conch concocted an in-house Conch Standard Process (CSP), modeled partially on the Rational Unified Process, enabling them to design a custom solution, based on client needs while keeping the core processes intact. Catering to the diversified client portfolios, CSP internally lays out a custom development life cycle for every client by incorporating variable parameters and chalking out the most efficient path possible. "All deliverables to our clients are a result of CSP's magnificent adaptive process, adds Maredu. CSP is a suitable methodology for various kinds of projects involving application development, quality assurance, and database support.

In the fast paced IT industry, new technologies are always around the corner, cites Maredu. Along these lines, Conch Learning Management System (LMS), the company's proprietary product, ensures that its professionals are intimated about the latest available technologies. Over the years, Conch has been successfully placing its project management and higher capacity professionals in IT, engineering, finance, insurance, logistics, transportation, medical, government, and various other spaces. Having been trained on Conch LMS platform, the company's professionals provide end-to-end solution package while optimizing clients' existing implementations based on the latest available technologies in their respective verticals.

Citing an instance where Conch Technologies revamped a Tennessee based client, Maredu states, "We had revamped over two million records and made the existing system-cutting edge, future proof and extremely efficient." The company's LMS trained Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts, ran a pilot study on the efficiency of mapping through linear referencing. The client who faced roadblocks in handling huge amount of geographic data was offered a solution to assign and visualize multiple pieces of information on the map which could be utilized by field workers in real-time.

Maredu who believes that 'quality speaks for itself,' constantly adds to the company's LMS ensuring that the employees are well versed with the latest innovations and technologies. The company's innovation lab invests in pilot studies to generate solutions that solve today's technological barriers. "Our innovation lab identifies latest technologies and how they can help optimize critical processes of our client and we invest to realize their vision," adds Maredu.

Conch Technologies's next big step is to develop an all-inclusive tool that includes ERP software, which will incorporate custom modules and expansions based on the client's domain. With an impressive clientele ranging from Fortune 1000 to startups, Conch Technologies will continue to spread across the U.S. and will gradually expand into European and Asian markets as well.
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