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Orion Systems Delivering Excellence to Exceed Customer Expectations
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
In the enterprise landscape, data inundation and the speed at which relevant information are gathered and disseminated, emphasize the need for business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics solutions. To keep up with the changing trends and thwart complexity resulting from the influx of data, organizations are readily investing on the most befitting BI solutions and exploiting the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) to secure augmented intelligence that take their business strategies forward. "Now the BI arena is mature that is slowly veering toward predictive and prescriptive analytics," opines Sunil Mehta, Founder, CEO, and President, Orion Systems Integrators. Based on the ideology; "a single tool alone does not address the need of the current BI world"; Orion Systems empowers companies to begin their BI journey by proving conventional BI solutions and enterprise data management services. "For firms wanting to gather predictive intelligence, we also offer advanced analytics and data visualization solutions for business reporting," adds Mehta as he reminisces over two decades long journey of Orion Systems in delivering excellence to its clients.

By combining its industry knowledge and understanding of customers" needs, Orion Systems has etched out a distinct repute across industries including finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government, and telecom. The company has worked with many industry leaders such as AT&T, Bank of America, Cisco, and IBM and attributes its success to its long-standing associationswith clients. "We have also partnered up with mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies to deliver IT services and solutions that specifically cater to enterprise applications, cloud, and mobility requirements of client organizations according to their IT and budget needs," expresses Mehta. Orion Systems works as an extended team of its customer companies to thoroughly assess their business processes and complexities to determine the best possible solutions and customize them accordingly.

Alongside providing BI and solutions for application development, the firm specializes in aiding clients with systems integration and strategic outsourcing. Further, the company deploys flexible sourcing strategies to deliver technologies on-site and off-site to the customer firms. "Our global delivery model ensures cost effective deliverance of technology solutions with efficient strategies to impact clients' business objective," Mehta says. Additionally, Orion System follows a project methodology that is built on the foundation of the company's technical expertise, strict adherence to proven processes, and strong commitment to deliver strategic, secure, scalable, and manageable solutions. The firm has also amassed recognition for its unique value-based service models that allows customers to maximize on their resources and efficiencies. With the amalgam of its delivery models with IP-led frameworks and methodologies, Orion Systems is proven to be one of the most effective transformation partners for companies.

A multitude of clients have seen magnanimous changes by implementing the services of Orion Systems. In one instance, a large media corporation had concerns and questions about their projects right from the start. With Orion System's support, the firm was able to review the documentation related to the projects and solve the issues and queries instantly. "We focus on our core strengths of our delivery expertise and commitment to excel servicing our clients, and our success lies in our customers" success" extols Mehta. "Our people come to work every day with the purpose of translating their commitment and innovation in each task they execute." Unlike its counterparts, Orion System believes its most strength lies in the size of the company; large enough to be resourceful and small enough to be flexible.

For the future, the company plans to forge ahead, carrying its unwavering commitment and culture of exceeding customer expectations by doing right things with the right set of people to deliver solutions at the right time.
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