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GTKonnect State-Of-The-Art Global Trade Management Software
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
In the wake of globalization, supply chain activities have expanded due to the robust growth of markets across international borders. With such growth, effective communication and collaboration with partners in the supply chain is gaining more attention. Consequently, many organizations involved in global trade are focusing on processes and solutions that assure strong association. Solutions focused on managing global trade aim to remove any informational blind spots and widen the boundaries of information distribution for informed decision-making. In this landscape, to manage efficient logistics and customs operations through user friendly software solutions, GTKonnect provides state-of-the-art GTKonnect suite of global trade management software, designed to support the needs of self-filing importers, exporters and service providers. The company also improves the operational efficiencies through automation, integration and collaboration.

Anand Raghavendran, President, GTKonnect, believes that global trade management itself is a big challenge and the company's core function is to address it through software solutions. "Compliance, collaboration and content are the cornerstones of our entire offerings." GTKonnect's primary focus is to make customers compliant with the various rules and regulations. The company facilitates collaboration platform, which electronically connects global supply chain partners for information exchange. The platform allows organizations to create questionnaires that should be answered by the suppliers. Subsequently, the company's software evaluates the responses provided and creates a risk profile based on it. Further, GTKonnect offers content like duty rate while importing and exporting to a particular country. "We assist companies to work in complex supply chain environment, while remaining compliant through changing rules and regulations," says Raghavendran.

GTKonnect offers complete import-export management solutions and global product data base for organizations to maintain product attributes and regulations required from a global perspective, while shipping from one country to another. While engaging in a global business, organizations are responsible to ensure that they are not shipping's terrorist organizations or people that are deemed unsafe for shipping purposes. The company's Denied Party Screening (DPS) caters to this area and delivers a set of web services, which can be invoked by any system involved in shipping process. DPS solution captures the name and address provided and compares it against various lists across all the countries providing control to the users of their shipping processes. GTKonnect's C-TPAT provides the electronic means to communicate with suppliers specifically related to the security aspects. This automated solution is effective and helps organizations maintain their rating under C-TPAT and other Global Supply Chain Security programs.

"On the whole, we not only provide software but content services too in addition to being constantly in connection with our customers through support services," affirms Raghavendran. For example, any organization that imports into the U.S. has to comply with the U.S. customs rules and regulations, and file the custom entry. Companies find it difficult to enter into the commerce as it is time consuming to understand the rules and regulations. GTKonnect's Import not only helps these organizations to file the entry but also integrates with their internal and external system. The company prides in ensuring business continuity by providing state-of-art support services for almost two decades.

Moving forward, GTKonnect plans to add new features, functionalities and modules to its suite of solutions. The company will be launching a new version of DPS and products for license determination, investing heavily on content area for definite market recognition. "As we are re-engineering our existing product into newer technologies like HTML 5, customers will experience constant improvisations," concludes Raghavendran.
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