December-2016  - Special issue
Cover Story
Author: Susila Govindaraj
If the year 2016 has taught us anything, it's that the world is becoming more and more unpredictable. more>>
Anamika Sahu
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
Xenia provides access to thousands of participating properties worldwide with a diverse range of accommodations & price points to meet the varied demands of today's corporate travellers. more>>

In My Opinion

David Lawee, Partner, CapitalG-Google
We have been hearing questions in 2016 about the sustainability of some of India's largest internet companies. more>>

Company Spotlight

Sujith Vasudevan
When Sandra Patrick entered her bank, she was greeted by a whole new experience. Instead of her usual routine of waiting in a... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016

si Team
Yes! The mission 'Transform India' has worked. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

si Team
From egg-boilers to iPhones, the ability of Internet of Things (IoT) to create easy human experiences by connecting physical... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Compliance Automation

si Team
Post Y2K, internet just started penetrating into every business which five years back then seemed a crackpot hypothesis. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Healthcare IT

si Team
The days when doctors riffled through a folder bulging with papers to find crucial information about a patient's medical... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Healthcare HMS

si Team
Hospitals are one of the most complex environments to manage and require a lot of decision making, documentation and data... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Business Intelligence

si Team
It is no secret that business intelligence has completely transformed the way we make business decisions to stay competitive. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Next Generation Firewall

si Team
For a country like India that is transitioning to a digital era with millions of people accessing social media, mobility and... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Cloud Computing

si Team
'Let's play with the technology first, and figure out what we're doing with it later' - these words echo the typical attitude... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Information Security

si Team
With enterprise data security threats constantly expanding and collaboration of data beyond the corporate border being the 'new... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Data Backup Solution

si Team
There is an elementary question to ask yourself to pursue and determine whether your business needs a data backup and disaster... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Software Testing

si Team
In today's world the consumers and market are demanding sophisticated products and applications in short span of time. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Cyber Security

si Team
Cyber security has become a board room concern today. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Semiconductor

si Team
Though India is enriched with several mammoth software organizations, 98.8 percent of our electronic components are being... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Artificial Intelligence

si Team
'Artificial Intelligence' (AI) is a term often reserved for the likes of Iron Man in the 'Marvel' movies or ENCOM's mainframe... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: ICT Lifecycle Services

si Team
The story takes us back by a few years, precisely when U.P. Electronics Corporation Limited (UPLC) - an Uttar Pradesh... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: IT Product Engineering Services

si Team
With the incessant technological evolvement, IT organizations worldwide are enforced to launch newer products just to stay in... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Enterprise Security

si Team
Any data saved digital always has hackers as one of its biggest concerns. To mix the space with even more complexity, the surge... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Enterprise Architecture

si Team
The emergence of disruptive technologies and their influence on how customers are engaged is changing rapidly and it has become... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Automation Testing

si Team
The increasing needs of global companies for responsive designs, end-user satisfaction, and continuous build & release cycles,... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Healthcare IT Products & Services

si Team
Founded in 2006 by three software professionals, as an aggregator of high-end IT training and consulting services firm, Pratian... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: SaaS

si Team
A Bhujiya seller migrated to digital platform and in turn became one of India's largest packaged food brands with annual... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Data Security

si Team
If we lived in a very trustful and honest world, it would have been ok for anyone to access our online discussions, bank... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Big Data Analytics

si Team
'In God we trust; all others bring data.', quoted W. Edward Deming, eminent statistician and professor, perhaps best known for... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Networking

si Team
Digital revolution has radically changed the way societies operate and interact with each other. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Telecom Services

si Team
The telecom industry in our country is about to witness a paradigm shift with the implementation of intelligent digitization... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Application Delivery

si Team
Web applications being on the menu, software is consuming a staggering amount of industries, making the world increasingly... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Global Recruitment Solutions

si Team
AddRec stands for adding recruits; AddRec takes pride in providing Global Recruitment Solutions for its clients worldwide. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Mobile Technologies & Analytics

si Team
If an odd surveyor asks someone whether his/her smartphone is really influencing day-to-day life, the probable answer would be... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: PPC Services

si Team
Equipped with the weapon 'Internet', the business world is forcing every serious company to be on it. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Property/Casualty Insurance

si Team
CXOs of insurance companies often partner with a host of business and technology service providers to expand their business. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Credentialing

si Team
This is one of CredForce's most defining taglines. CredForce emerged as an undisputed choice for the SiliconIndia marquee this... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: CRM

si Team
CRM industry is on a steep rise to touch $36.5 billion by 2017 with the boom of e-Commerce & IT organizations that vest keen... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Logistics

si Team
With the implementation of GST, India has now made the pathway hassle free for service providers with pan India presence and... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Education Technology

si Team
One of the major faults of Indian school system is lack of a systematic progress measuring approach. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Print & Packaging

si Team
Imagine the in-house management paradigms existed in the closing decade of 20th century, where Windows OS and Smartphone were... more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Digital Content & Publishing

si Team
It's no surprise that the internet, particularly in mobile form, has radically reformed the way we consume content. more>>

Company of the Year - 2016: Smart Card Technology

si Team
In the age of robotic surgery, keeping bundles of health insurance papers may seem sardonic. more>>

CXO Insights

GM Krishna, Associate Director - Marketing, Avnet
Among various competitive wireless interconnection technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, ZigBee has many... more>>
Abhishek Kant, Sales Director & Country Head, India, Progress
Technology is constantly evolving and just when you think you have adapted to the latest, there is something new in the market. more>>
Rajesh Janey – Managing Director & President, Dell EMC
No matter who writes it, the year 2016 will go down in history as one of dramatic disruption on a global scale. more>>
V. P. Mahendru, Chairman & MD, Eon Electric
Though the modern era has increased the Earth's carbon trail, digital innovations can play important role through enhanced... more>>
Piyush Tiwari, Director-Commercial & Marketing, India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)
Given the tourism and hospitality sector's immense potential in generating jobs and revenues, the Centre has been undertaking... more>>
Ankit Agarwal, Fund Manager, Centrum Broking
BSE IT index is down by 4 percent during the last one year and has significantly underperformed the broader index like Sensex... more>>
Sanjay Katkar, MD & CTO, Quick Heal Technologies Limited
Ransomware either locks an infected computer or encrypts all the files on the system. The objective is to demand a ransom from... more>>
Natraj Akella, VP-Wi-Fi, Tata Teleservices
Wi-Fi roaming on a grand scale is the new order of the day. Connected all the time, all the way, seamlessly and without... more>>
Sandeep Chandna, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra
There is a new interest about sustainability and increased curiosity about what constitutes sustainable development. more>>
Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) were introduced to the Indian banking industry in the early 1990s initiated by foreign banks... more>>
Anshuman Singh, Director, Product Management of Application Security, Barracuda Networks
In the current days and times information is the life force for the survival of an organization. Unprecedented growth in... more>>
Subrangshu Kumar Das, Senior Director & Head - ISDC
The process of creating new products, processes and technologies that can be used and marketed for mankind's benefit today and... more>>
Robert Bu, General Manager, UCWeb India
News today is an integral part of our everyday life. The massive growth of internet along with the emergence of smartphones and... more>>

CIO Insights

Vinod Krishnan, Chief Information Officer, Usha International
Over the years, CIOs have worked very hard to align continuously to business initiatives and to ensure that IT operates in sync... more>>

CEO Insights

A P Hota, CEO & MD, NPCI
For building a 'Less Cash' economy, awareness of the customer is as much important as infrastructure readiness. more>>
Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Co-founder & Global CEO, Denave
Since the dawn of time, human beings have developed innovative tools to assist them in pursuit of their personal or... more>>


Anamika Sahu
The never die spirit of entrepreneurs across the world always allures me. more>>
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