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Sharp Software Development India: A Product Engineering Company, Striving For World Class Quality

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
In today's world the consumers and market are demanding sophisticated products and applications in short span of time. The buyers expect latest technologies, enhanced designs, superior quality and enriched user experience. Organizations are determined to provide users with long-lasting impressions on software applications, which can differentiate their product from the competition. As a result, product engineering companies are continuously in the process of innovation, customization and ensuring holistic quality to meet these demands.
When it comes to software testing industry in India, the scenario at captive centers front is that the multinational companies are opening and expanding their engineering capacity big-time and thus need validation and verification to be done on an extended scale, while at domestic front, digitization is the key on-the-go and it is anticipated to lead the expanding need of software validations.

While the need of validating software at both at captive centers front and domestic level scales up, the testing engineers also need to have great analytical skill. They need to think 'inside-the-box', which means comprehending the system completely in detail at each and every technical level. Along with it, they also cannot ignore the end-users' behavior that - how they use or misuse (break) the system. Talking about SSDI, the organization is bound to deliver world class product quality. Holistic quality management at SSDI, identifies one of the strong and critical pillar as software validation and testing.

The Story Begins

Decoding this direction of software industry way back in 1999, 'Sharp Labs' of America was in search of a cost-effective development panacea for their MFP printer drivers. Praveen Kanipakam, Founder & President, SSDI, who had an inclination toward India, exhibited country's growing software industry and proposed a Software Development Center in India to the U.S. and Japanese managements. Without much drama, Sharp Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. (SSDI) was incorporated in August 1999 as a 100 percent consolidated subsidiary of Sharp Labs of America, which is the R&D Lab of Sharp Japan, with the objective of cost effective development of Digital Document Management Systems and later for digital display solutions.

Even though, the road ahead had many challenges to surpass and it took initial couple of years for the company to settle down, but even at that stage, SSDI had no independent validation and verification team established. Post the initial incubation period, real puzzles showed up and it was the turn of pursuing schedules and satisfying the need of high quality of deliverables that match with the stringent Japanese quality norms.

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