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Finsys: Bestowing New Era's ERP Solutions for Printing & Packaging Industry

si Team
Thursday, December 29, 2016
si Team
Imagine the in-house management paradigms existed in the closing decade of 20th century, where Windows OS and Smartphone were not born, and Laptop was an alien to India. Like every other business, Printing & Packaging companies were also working around manual systems. Creating a job card and quality approval on ERP and knowing the reason behind downtime of your corrugation or printing machine was only a manual driven story. In fact, whenever the string 'Computer' echoed loud, employees used to foresee themselves as jobless. They thought using computers were something strenuous and complex. At this period of time, in 1992 precisely, 'Finsys Infotech Limited' began its journey by offering computer based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Printing & Packaging companies. "Our additional job was to train people on 'what is enter key', 'where is the escape key' and how does the right & left mouse clicks differ," reminisces Sangeet Kr Gupta, Director, Finsys.

Making it Simple & Genuine

Thanks to the IT revolution, Finsys's ERP solution today has made the in-house management paradigms simple by metamorphosing the comprehensive control even to smartphones and other personal gadgets. This portability, in addition to the comprehensive coverage of Management Information System (MIS) and live reporting, sets the company apart from its competitors. The Finsys solution answers and helps to plan all the day-to-day modules that are fundamental for printing & packaging companies such as which machine to work on today, which machine is currently utilized and for how much, load that can be processed and the priority of jobs. The machine operator gets a list of jobs that he has to finish by end of the day.

"With the volatile paper prices and rising labor charges, the fact is that, a packaging convertor today gets only a reasonable profit margin to savor," adds Puneet. Thus, every printing and packaging company is screaming for uninterrupted solutions that can control the cost by reducing wastage. They ask for genuine MIS Reports. Finsys ERP hears and understands this scream and analyzes the wastage of paper at every stage and provides the precise answers for queries such as: where is my wastage going? And why is that wastage coming? This reason wise analysis is further expanded to day wise, job wise and various combinations for a year period. Additionally, the platform offers a thorough downtime analysis comprising of the granule details such as which machine was down and for how long along with the reason for downtime. With all these data in hand, the user (or organization) can effectually create a corrective & preventive action plan to eradicate wastages. These comprehensive MIS Reports also help companies trace production time & downtime on costly machines, monitor purchases & stores, and in turn play a vital role in taking important & timely decisions on the way ahead, everything just few touches away from your smartphone. "The ERP information on your mobile phone screen shows your factory in live display," elucidates Sangeet.

Furthermore, Finsys's report on Parta (Marwari word for profit) for every job card is an eye opening feature for all the organizations in the space. This brings an opportunity for company to decide which job generates profit and which is in loss. On customer side, it helps determine the customer to associate, and those that need renegotiation. This is by far, the golden benefit of implementing ERP software.

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