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Shoptimize: Thriving Indian e-Commerce to New Destinations

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
A Bhujiya seller migrated to digital platform and in turn became one of India's largest packaged food brands with annual revenue of more than McDonald's & Domino's combined online revenue in India, everything within a year time! How did this sparkling growth occur? It's not a magic but 'Shoptimize', an end-to-end e-Commerce SaaS model solution provider well-recognized for setting up and growing e-Commerce for offline brands in India. It partnered with this entrepreneur to go-digital and added e-Commerce as another channel to catch eyeballs and bag customers. In the process, Shoptimize formulated an entire online strategy for the client right from designing the website to logistics & packaging, and launched the online portal in early 2014. Today, exporting the products to over a 100+ countries, this well-known food brand receives 4000 orders per month.

Comprehending the Scenario

Shoptimize is built in India for India, hence whether it is cash-on-delivery or low network speed, it is all factored in the cloud based SaaS solution. "We are a technology company that not only brings you e-Commerce capabilities but actual growth in revenue and profits. There is no other company that takes ownership of growth," asserts Mangesh Panditrao, Founder & CEO, Shoptimize. Mangesh and his buddy Vivek Phalak (CTO) commenced Shoptimize's operations in 2013 as a garage startup, but with a clear vision of the company they wanted to build. However, the first few years of progression were filled with immense learning about e-Commerce and consumer behavior online. Gradually they started building Shoptimize as a hassle-free e-Commerce SaaS platform for online growth, along with a strong backend team. The company has been lucky to have a prolonged index of aficionados as its mentors who act as a cornerstone in decision making. Owing success to valuable advice of these mentors, Shoptimize has emerged as one among the top few companies in Enterprise SaaS platform for e-Commerce in India.

The company holds a prolonged and recognized index of clientele, to name a few - Haldirams, Apollo Pharmacy, Wonderchef, Killer Jeans and Luminous among several others. Perfectly amalgamating the benefits of social media, SEO, SEM, quick payment technologies and superior aesthetics in one bowl, this entity now helps certain clients to achieve 10x growth year-over-year in terms of online sales.

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