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Aforeserve.com: Taking Away the Frets of ICT Lifecycle Management

si Team
Thursday, December 29, 2016
si Team
The story takes us back by a few years, precisely when U.P. Electronics Corporation Limited (UPLC) - an Uttar Pradesh Government undertaking announced their new initiative to distribute latops to 1.5 Million students across UP and establish service centres at every Tehsil across the state to provide training to students & teachers. It's no rocket science that the proposals of this size and complexity called for an extended level of capability. Finally, the hunt for a partner to take care of this huge project from prologue-to-epilogue led UPLC to HP and in turn Aforeserve.com Ltd. Rest of the tale is history full of innovation and agility. The company delivered, tested and distributed and installed all the 1.5 Million PCs with a Turn-Around-Time of 5 days, while it took merely 90 days to create Service Centres at all Tehsils across the state and complete the training services for students & teachers. In addition to training services, the company provided UPLC with one-year of comprehensive field support as well thus realizing the presence of such a wide range of opportunities in end-to-end Life Cycle Services for world's largest IT players and the End-Customers. Since then, Aforeserve.com has transitioned into a proven integrated services management & support company offering the entire range of life cycle services for ICT (Information & Communication Technology) & non-IT products, comprising Installation & Commissioning, Repair & Refurbishment, Helpdesk Services, Remote Support, Warranty Services & Reverse Logistics and Project Management Services across the country. In recent years, the company has also started offering the System Integration solutions and Services to the end-customers as well as in partnership with other large SI players in the industry.

The seamlessly integrated services & support paradigm of the entity offers a single point of service delivery, integrating all life cycle support requirements for ICT assets across brands, platforms and technologies. The organization starts the services delivery right from selection and preparation of the deployment site, then proceeds in two phases - Installation & Commissioning, and Operation & Maintenance (O&M), to effectively complete the life-cycle of a product. The O&M services not only cover warranty period with on-site services, but also extend to post-warranty period which includes the spare and labor charges.

Being Magnetic

The allure factor that keeps attracting leading OEMs/ODMs (including HP, Lenovo, Acer, MSi, Inventec, NCR and others, System Integrators and Direct Customers towards this ISO 9000 & 20000 Certified company is primarily the robust background in the tech-repair space which spans over 15 years. The prowess to leverage its key partner associations that include most renowned names, which the company enabled via years of service, also helps heavily in the progression. In addition, the organization maintained its state of being flexible, reliable and affordable simultaneously over the years, even though it grew many folds with service centers located in 45 major cities and resident engineers across 182 regional towns pan India. "Our parent group, headquartered in Taiwan (for over 25 years) also enables us a strong partner ecosystem to leverage," asserts Rajeev Asija, CEO, Aforeserve.

The Road to Legendary

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