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Lekhisoft: Building Robust Hospitals Management Systems through Deep Industry Experiences

si Team
Sunday, January 8, 2017
si Team
Hospitals are one of the most complex environments to manage and require a lot of decision making, documentation and data accumulation at every stage. The healthcare sector has always been facing tremendous uncertainty owing to the complexities in terms of medical record maintenance and poor standards of medical practice workflow. "Vision separates men from leaders," as the quote says, Dr. Rajesh Lekhi (Founder & Director, Lekhisoft) felt the need for more sophisticated hospital management solution software when no one ever dreamt of it. After graduating from MGM Medical College, Indore in 1989, Dr. Rajesh started working on medical software development with one computer from a single room in Pithampur and as a result of his hard work and thrust to achieve his vision, Lekhisoft Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. (now known as ELI Health Ltd.) was founded in 1998. With its deep experience and expertise in IT, Lekhisoft is now one of the leading OMS and EMR solutions in the country and has a track record of serving more than 500 companies globally.

Tailored by Experience

Lekhisoft's major products are Hospital Management System, Ophthalmology Management System, Diagnostic Centre Management System and Practice Management Software. The company completely customises the HMS according to the specific requirements of the hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics. The product automates all the iterative management process and reduces the number of resources, thus provide great ROI achieving the breakeven point quite early. In the quest to gain a competitive edge in the market, Lekhisoft builds robust applications from scratch unlike other peers who just customise the existing application. The company ensures that its application development solution aligns correspondingly with client's business imperatives.

Lekhisoft's HMS systems aggregates all the data and facilitates single view availability of the medical reports, doctors, and medical support staff making the process fast, accurate and efficient. It addresses all the qualms of appointments and registration by generating a Permanent Patient Registration Number (PPRN) and Medical Record Number (MRN) when a patient is admitted for the first time; this demographic information is being recorded to generate patient's information at one go. The MRN also helps the concerned hospital authority to retrieve complete OPD/IPD, history and billing information of the patient at any time. "With our stringent process, in-depth knowledge and technology skills, we can provide a high quality and technology driven EMR solution that can meet the requirements of doctors & hospitals," asserts Dr. Rajesh.

Being a Doctor himself, Dr. Rajesh understands the requirements & difficulties of Ophthalmologists and crafts software that has been so designed as to quickly document history, examine medications, operation notes and much more suiting clinical environment. The OMS software is a complete solution to hospital with Ophthalmic facilities including general modules for hospital managements like patient registration, OPD & IPD billing cash collection, Ward Management Pathology, Surgical Pharmacy, Inventory and much more. The OMS is loaded with special features for Ophthalmology activities consisting of auto refraction, Optometrist, Eye Examination Workup, Laser Workup, Laser FFA Workup and many more key modules.

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