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WinMagic: Securing Enterprises from Prying Eyes through Encryption & Key Management Solutions

si Team
Thursday, January 5, 2017
si Team
If we lived in a world where cyber criminals did not exist, we would not think twice about protecting our online discussions, bank accounts, health records or any other personal information. But unfortunately the world doesn't work that way; when tech-giants like Yahoo! are getting jeopardized by serious data breaches, it alarms us to take a moment to think about the safety of our information. Though the recent glitches in the digital arena has created some awareness, securing the data at the most fundamental levels has not happened yet and encryption is the only tool to achieve that feat. Encryption, being one of the oldest forms of data security, has evolved over time from its stone-age presence to its impact on world wars and to its current form - the data encryption in AES algorithms.

However, the days of ordering hardware and configuring hardware are no more, as today's companies are going straight to the cloud for their needs. Many companies are having private clouds and adopting VMs in their own data centers and infrastructures. In their own premise, securing data is essential, but when companies wish to expand their platform into public cloud and want to use the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), handing the cloud hosting keys to the vendor is a risk enterprises should not take. For companies to feel confident their data is as secure in the cloud as on premise. WinMagic has extended their intelligent key management solutions for the market. These solutions enable companies to gain seamless access to physical or cloud data across the network, ensuring you are the only person to manage those keys. "What we offer is unique, giving customer's access and control of their own keys," says Rahul Kumar, Country Manager & Director, WinMagic. WinMagic Inc. started its operation in 1997 and has been providing encryption platform for data at rest across endpoints for close to 20 years, and is expanding its offerings under the SecureDoc suite of solutions for cloud data security providing enterprise grade data encryption and key management policies across all operating systems.

Encryption for Data at Rest

WinMagic provides a range of SecureDoc solutions for simplifying data security, which helps enterprises save time and reduce costs associated with security management. The company's enterprise software solutions include SecureDoc for Servers, Windows, FireVault 2, HP, Lenovo, CloudSync, CloudVM and such others. The suite empowers companies to adopt a common platform to manage key and encryption needs intelligently across public, private and hybrid cloud platforms such as Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Cirix Zen, HyperV and many others. These solutions provide full control to IT administrators over data security, hence providing relief to C level executives since encryption keys are not controlled by third parties. WinMagic's SecureDoc CloudSync ensures that files are always encrypted at the end point before they are ever moved to a cloud service, thus removing the risks of any data breaches in the cloud. The company encrypts data across all platforms, delivers total encryption of the files, folders, servers and encryption of DropBox and virtual machines keeping an eye on user experience. To solve the perceptual pain in the encryption market, WinMagic centralizes the data making it easy to keep abreast of data security health. "We manage the solution from an IT standpoint and solve the pain of the customer by providing seamless user experience," elucidates Rahul.

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