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WittyFeed: Sprinting Its Way to Become the Best Content Generator in the World

si Team
Thursday, December 29, 2016
si Team
It's no surprise that the internet, particularly in mobile form, has radically reformed the way we consume content. Every time you open Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, you find thousands of platforms promoting their content via videos, posts and chartices. But one page that stood apart from the crowd and created buzz this year with undeniable viral content is world's second largest & India's largest viral content company WittyFeed. The company has leapt from having five million to 500 million page views a month, giving content giants like Buzzfeed and Diply a run for their money. WittyFeed is the only Indian website to be listed among the top 75 most read websites of U.S. and unsurprisingly is the biggest client of Google in India.

The YouTube of Content

WittyFeed didn't turn into a million dollar baby overnight; it all started in 2012 when Facebook was sprouting its polymorphisms in India. The three founders Vinay Singhal (CEO), Shashank Vaishnav (CTO) & Parveen Singhal (COO) put together a hugely successful Facebook page - 'Amazing Things in the World' from their college in Chennai. The page went onto garner a whopping 4.2 million followers in real quick time. Realising the audience out there in the virtual world and envisaging the power of digital content, the team planned to monetise the audience. But once they entered the industry they realized that a lot of distribution platforms did not have access to good content. And a lot of writers and curators did not have access to the right kind of seeding platform.

This void ignited the earliest blaze of idea to integrate content creators, consumers and publishers, and finally after going eight times bankrupt in six years, WittyFeed was founded in September 2014. The company immediately came up with Viral9, which consolidated more than 6000 publishers under one umbrella. Within a year, the page views grew exponentially and the content was more in demand. Consequently, WittyFeed decided to crowd-source and remodelled as a modern day blogging platform, where anyone who loves to express and explore stories can publish on the platform. Today with over 130 million unique monthly visitors, WittyFeed is the largest viral content company in India and is among the top 200 websites in the world, top 75 most read websites in the U.S. & India, and top 25 in UK.

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