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Sybrant Technologies: Delivering Superior yet Cost Effective Services Leveraging Latest Technologies

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
CRM industry is on a steep rise to touch $36.5 billion by 2017 with the boom of e-Commerce & IT organizations that vest keen importance on building long-term relationships with clients. While large companies can afford to adopt expensive solutions like the Salesforce to achieve this, SMEs are stuck with no better options. Any SME that is looking implementing a CRM for 20 users would have to incur $ 30,000 approximately annually. Answering the dire need of such SMEs with an easily extendable CRM solution at a fraction of this cost is Chennai-based Sybrant Technologies. By extensively reworking on a couple of open source components, Sybrant has built Customer First, a CRM solution that can be integrated with various in-house applications such as call center software, financial packages or another ERP, based on customer's needs.

Besides improving sales & profits, increasing efficiency with greater sales predictability, ameliorating sales force management, the product also helps clients to run personalized campaigns with focused marketing messages and manages various lead channels such as emails, website, voice campaign and social media. For instance, Sybrant moulded its Customer First CRM solution for India Home Healthcare - India's first institutionalized & largest Home Healthcare firm, wherein the solution also enabled the client to manage projects and deploy resources via its HRMS module, besides customer relationship maintenance.
The company's Ziksin - Learning Management System enriched with latest technologies that covers e-Learning in multiple formats such as Video, Audio, Documents and Virtual Reality based learning served in desktops and mobile / tablet learning to provide accessible and understandable technical content or complex messages according to the audience type.

Ever Evolving Services

Sybrant is renowned for building brand sites with compelling user experience & user interface based on a proven elaborate methodology and the standards recommended by various free bodies. The company doesn't stop with developing the brand site, but also covers entire digital marketing aspects related to it such as Search Engine Optimization, digital advertising, email campaigns, content based services & social media management among others. Sybrant also has high level of expertise in development of enterprise, e-Commerce, customer engagement, and catalogue management mobile apps for different platforms and devices (iPhone, iPad, Android or Tablets) that are data intensive and need high performance. Also having expertise in IoT arena, the company has built MRO Assist, a mobility solution with intuitive UI that uses augmented reality for defragmenting and centralizing the assets, documents, content, knowledge, inventories and workforce management of MRO organizations.

Building Long-term Relationships

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