The Never Say Die Attitude Keeps You Alive

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Anamika Sahu
The never die spirit of entrepreneurs across the world always allures me. Whether it is the big MNCs who run over legal fights for patents or the startups that burn their mid-night oil to bring in a solution that will address the existing pain points in unique ways, every entrepreneur is busy creating his/her own history. But the recent demonetization move of the Indian government took entrepreneurship to a new high altogether. While many are facing tough times, entrepreneurs in the remotest of the village are experiencing technology of their lifetime. Filled with excitement, they are now leveraging digital mode of payment to keep their business alive and running, a thought which seemed a Pluto dream for decades.

Recently when I visited my village, I was delighted to see a 75-year old Chaiwala accepting payment from digital wallet. Not just this, his spirit was high enough to teach the young and not so tech-savvy businessmen to use this technology in their favour. What astonished me more was his knowledge about the benefits of going digital and being a cashless economy. But as every coin has two sides, so does going the digital way and being a cashless economy. But we will not go on counting the pros and cons. Let us focus on the entrepreneurship spirit of these villagers who don't shy away from learning new and alien things at this age as well. This proves how India has moved beyond the traditional ways of conducting business and is ready to create new stories for the remaining geographies to follow.

Saluting such spirits of entrepreneurship, just like last year, this year too siliconindia brings to you the stories of few select entrepreneurs who have turned the table in their favour with sheer dedication, innovation and forward thinking. Hope their stories featured in our 'Companies of the Year' edition adds more fuel to the entrepreneurship world to generate more power.
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