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Onetikk Consultants: Developing Clear-cut Enterprise Practices through a Blend of Software & Web Based Services

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
The emergence of disruptive technologies and their influence on how customers are engaged is changing rapidly and it has become important for organisations to stay current, agile and stable to cope up with this change. This demands organisations to have a highly matured practise that senses technology and strategic business changes and accordingly prepares enterprises for technology advances. Further, SMAC is playing a vital role in driving business and performance. Onetikk Consultants Pvt. Ltd, helps organizations to achieve both these goals by implementing strong as well as agile Enterprise Architecture practices.

It all started back in 2011 when two enterprising ladies thought of starting an innovative business utilising their immense experience in business transformation techniques. They launched an innovative travel information technology software as their first product from a small room in their home, which received huge appreciation and attracted many innovation and ideation experts from Silicon Valley. Since then, there is no looking back for OneTikk. It became a technology partner for many startups and developed variety of software and related services for SMBs and large enterprises from Government, Travel, Retail, Healthcare and Education sectors.

Holistic Approach

As one of the top companies to provide end-to-end Enterprise Architecture solutions, OneTikk does a full assessment of the existing enterprise architecture program against a reference EA operating and maturity model. Based on the objectives and the needs of the customer, a target maturity level is developed. The company details all the stakeholders' views on current, future and transitional states of enterprise architecture processes including governance, roles and responsibilities.

Proper documentation, standardization and loss detection further enables OneTikk to help clients reduce and control IT equipment costs. It's IT Asset and financial management solutions further enables to mitigate risk, improve inventory control and support strategic decision making. "We provide advice on creating competitive advantage by leveraging IT to transform business operations. Our consultants speak the language business and IT to deliver holistic analysis of IT organisations," asserts Kavitha, Director, OneTikk.

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