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Avalance: Creating Secure Business Environment through Cutting-edge Security Solutions

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
Cyber security has become a board room concern today. With 2016 experiencing a number of high profile cyber security breaches such as Talk Talk, Tesco Bank, US Democratic Party and the latest Twitter account hacks of INC and its Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, it has become the top of the mind issue for everyone who is wary of sharing their information online. This worry is exacerbated with hackers tauntingly announcing their next target and law enforcements and ethical hackers exhibiting their incapability to counter and trace these attacks. As cyber criminals always think ahead of the white hat cyber experts, it has become crucial for organizations to keep themselves updated or preferably go for an expert in this field to prevent the costly aftermath. Being one of the youngest cyber security experts in India this growing tenseness among organizations and public provoked Manan Shah (Founder & CEO) to venture Avalance Global Solutions with an agenda to help other companies to protect their brands, business and dignity from debilitating cyber-attacks. The company strives to think ahead of the league and shores up greater performance for security appliances and enhances security and reporting capabilities in areas such as BYOD, application security and more.

Clear intensions, begets clear results: As the intension is to deliver clear results, Avalance takes a different approach that seems very reasonable for both the client and vendor side. The company offers a free penetration test to the organisations to check the security measures of their IT infrastructure and web applications. If there are any vulnerabilities or weaknesses are found then a complete report is generated and presented to the management with the detail information about the recommendation to patch the flaws and further the cost involved in securing the web space. And only upon the instruction of the board, Avalance dedicates optimum resources and takes preventive measures to keep the web space protected.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Prevention is always better and obviously cheaper than losing millions of dollars along with reputation. Avalance applies all its security endeavours and strategies to shield the most confidential business information by delivering undeniable information security solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, IT policy formulation, Security Auditing and Consulting, Digital Forensics and SOC Monitoring Services to diverse organisations. "We provide end-to-end solutions to fix the flaws and maintain the system accordingly. We eat, drink, sleep, walk, cyber security 24/7," elucidates Manan. Avalance also has its own Cloud-based Security Platform 'Avalance Super7' which not only detects but also prevents the threats in real time. Avalance Super7 is the only enterprise endpoint solution that blocks threats in real time and hence has been recognized as the best anti-threat solution available in the market.

Sky is the Limit

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