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Fastlane: Transforming India's Digital landscape through Cutting-Edge Networking Solutions

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
Digital revolution has radically changed the way societies operate and interact with each other. With Government's focus on Digitalisation schemes such as Digital India, Make in India, Start-up India and innovative applications of Aadhaar Card such as JAM and Digital locker, the internet user base in India is expected to double within next couple of years. However, India needs to make broadband internet access more accessible and affordable to strengthen the basic foundation of digital economy.

In 2015, when Andhra Pradesh, launched the AP Fibernet Project to provide low cost broadband internet households and workplaces, other states also began their quest for an advanced solution to provide triple play solutions to their citizens. Fastlane Information Technologies, backed by a team of seasoned technocrats, took up the responsibility to provide a highly resilient design for an advanced Fibergrid, capable of providing voice, video and data over a statewide network. The company designed, commissioned, and through its partners, deployed a state wide optical fiber network with a capacity of 1.3 Tbps, using advanced technologies such as MPLS, DWDM, IPTV etc.

The aerial network stretches across approximately 23,000 kilometers, over 3.75 lakh electricity poles, using 75+DWDMs, 1000+ enterprise routers, and 2500 Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), covering the state of Andhra Pradesh, with the ability to reach 1.1 crore households, through ?2500 points of presence. The entire project was executed within a stringent timeline of nine months. The company not only delivered world's most inexpensive internet as a part of Fiber Grid project but also set a model for similar networks in other states.

Design to Deployment Services

Fastlane provides end-to-end solutions in optical fibre networks, cloud enabled data center services, Wi-Fi, and GIS. The company is a leader in Fast Fiber core services and offers full package of design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance services, to governments, enterprises and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Fastlane offers enterprise WAN services, video conference services, enterprise layer3 VPN services, and layer 2 VPN services. The company is very proficient in deploying cloud enabled infrastructures including Amazon AWS, IBM Soft layer, Microsoft Azure for public clouds.

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