Focus on Niche Technologies

By Neal V Goyal , Caldera Investment Group ,Founder and CEO
Focus on Niche Technologies Caldera Investment Group based in Chicago is a boutique investment banking firm that provides advisory services to emerging and middle market companies.
I believe that an investor must get involved in a number of different asset classes. There are opportunities not only in private investment fund and but also in venture capital. While the former is being operative under long-short strategy and on-start investing strategy, the latter focuses on seed stage investing and technology focused companies.

The technology sector is constantly evolving and has a greater potential for growth in mobile and internet related technologies including social networking sectors which has a tremendous amount of attraction. We are a highly focused firm and choose to fund such companies where they can ensure technology can be delivered and that have the specific niche that no other competitor offer. Stand alone technology companies that have a platform to work and have the potential to be successful in their market are some of the companies to look for. We provide a house of resources to each of the portfolio companies and make sure they get market support, brand support, PR support and operational support and ensure that they can be successful and increase opportunities in their portfolio.

One of the latest trends that have been in very hot areas is the music space. There are unseen opportunities within the social networking sector where none of the biggest enterprises such as Pandora, Spotify or itunes have yet ventured. One such company is \'Lively\' accompanied with social element with live music. Although it is in the initial stages the application they offer is to be built on iphone as well as on android devices. It provides an ability to download the live show as audio, video or pros video. An interesting fact is that they also share the revenue with actual musicians, iphone and android vendors on which people download it from.

Write a Business Plan

Entrepreneurs are specialists in their own space and need not have prior experience in operating business and at the same time need to learn to take care of their financial and administrative aspects of the company. The basic requirement for a successful venture is a convincing business plan. However, budding entrepreneurs do not yet understand its value and try to make do without a business plan. Instead they only have executive summary that give a snapshot of their company. Entrepreneurs should have the ability to create an in-depth business plan, execute it accordingly, bring change and adapt to their environment.