• Most Promising Company Founded Or Managed By Indians In Australia 2023

    The Indian diaspora's extraordinary contributions to Australia's economic framework stand as a testament to their immense value. It is through the unyielding determination of this multifaceted group that they have carved out a place for themselves across a wide array of sectors. The Indian diaspora has, without a doubt, bolstered Australia's position in the global market, thanks to their exceptional levels of education, linguistic capabilities, and strong presence in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and business. The far-reaching effects of the Indian diaspora's presence transcend the realm of economic growth and have left an indelible mark on Australian culture and society. They have played a crucial role in molding the nation's demographic composition, as exemplified by the fact that one in four Australians has roots in a foreign land. Despite the Indian diaspora's remarkable achievements, there remains room for further expansion and development. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's report underscores the necessity of augmenting the diaspora's involvement in agribusiness and education. However, with the relentless pursuit of international education and the ongoing influx of students from overseas, it is reasonable to expect that these areas will witness rapid advancements. As India continues to assert its growing influence on the world stage, the Indian diaspora solidifies its rightful place within the fabric of Australian society. This edition highlights the awe-inspiring journeys of Indian entrepreneurs who have blazed new trails in their respective domains. Among them is Punch IT tech, a company dedicated to employing the ServiceNow platform as a driving force for digital transformation. By forging close partnerships with clients to discern their business objectives, Punch IT tech harnesses domain expertise to bring about the desired outcomes. Furthermore, this issue presents a wealth of knowledge and best practices gleaned from the wisdom of industry experts, such as Samir Chitkara, Head of Application Development at Credit Corp Group [ASX: CCP], and Poonam Chauhan, Head of Technology Operations at Moto Hospitality. These distinguished professionals, along with others, have generously shared their insights on the progression and growth of various fields. It is our firm belief that the priceless guidance offered by esteemed thought leaders and the myriad solution providers showcased in this issue will serve as a valuable resource in shaping informed decisions for your endeavors. We warmly invite and deeply value your insights and perspectives.

Most Promising Company Founded Or Managed By Indians In Australia 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AppDistri Archana Kamatgi, Founder of AppDistri AppDistri is a distribution model business that distributes high-quality niche-problem-solving services and patented products to channel partners and tech-savvy individuals to deliver their client’s projects on time.
EFuel Systems Ketan Kale, Founder and CEO eFuel Systems ensure organisations from the fuel and energy sector achieve ambitious outcomes with its secure and innovative business solutions. Quote: Our philosophy is to solve real-world business problems using the latest technology. So, we do not sell technology; we sell business solutions
Mindflight7 Kajal Pala, Founder, CEO Mindflight7 is an education technology company that offers immersive virtual reality experiences to help high school and primary school students explore different career paths and subject areas. The company partners with over 300 schools in Australia and offers four innovative products to enhance student learning experiences., and sustainability, and is paving the way for a brighter future for students around the world.
NP Financials Partha Sarathi Banerjee, Director N P Financials is an Australian proprietary trading firm that offers funds and training to Forex, commodities, equities, indices, and cryptocurrency traders. The firm complies with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulatory standards and holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).
Punch IT Australia Piyush Agrawal, CEO Punch IT partners with customers to enable their digital transformation by adapting leading edge technology centered around ServiceNow. Punch IT provide end to end ServiceNow solutions and act as a custodian of ServiceNow platform providing implementation – testing and support services. The company works closely with clients to understand their business requirements and provides domain expertise to help them achieve the desired outcomes.
Radiance Wealth Ravi Moolchandani, Principal Financial Adviser and Director at Radiance Wealth With a vision to create and protect wealth, it offers a wide range of services such as helping clients to accumulate and protect wealth, estate planning, social security, personal insurances, cash flow management, share portfolio, gearing and aged care facilities.
Aussizz Group Dharmendrakumar Patel, Founder & MD Founded in 2009, Aussizz Group has been serving the industry of migration and education with a clear aim of striving for excellence. Their expertise lies in providing support for the complete application of a diverse number of visas in Australia, New Zealand and Canada through consultation and counselling.
CORE Consulting Engineers Melvin Kumar, Director CORE Consulting Engineers is a multidisciplinary firm armed with the knowledge and expertise of over 40 of the industry’s leading engineers. Spanning a diverse range of services, they are uniquely equipped to deliver fully integrated, 360° solutions for their clients, reducing risk, maximising performance, saving their time and money.
Fortuna Advisory Group Dinesh Aggarwal, Founder & MD Established in 2011, Fortuna Advisory Group is a conglomerate of companies providing awardwinning solutions in the areas of Accounting & Tax Advisory, Finance & Mortgage Broking, Legal Services and Wealth Management.
Gourmania Raj Jeyarajah, CEO Gourmania is a leading producer and distributor of premium food products. They offer an extensive range of component food products and ready-to-eat meals suitable for food service, food manufacturing, export and retail applications.
Guru Building Group Inder Kumar, MD Guru Building Group is a full-service construction company offering a range of services including: General contracting, Pre-construction services, Construction consulting, Program management, Construction management, Design-build, and Concrete construction.
JOJO Surendra Anand, Founder JOJO focuses on relationships, not transactions. Their range of solutions is built to work around the customers, their candidates, and also mutual happiness. The company provides a complete list of personnel solutions designed to address all needs from hiring to interdepartmental management and consultation. Recruitment and recruitment of staff takes a lot of time, one of the benefits of using JOJO as an IT recruitment agency is that they understand the recruitment process and can filter and evaluate applicants to verify the right competitor in the job category.
Lumi Group Udara Lokubalasriya, Director - Human Resources Lumi Group provide daily, periodical, ad-hoc and event cleaning services to a range of commercial, aquatic and sports clients around Australia ensuring facilities provide a safe and clean environment for thousands of sports people, students, office workers and visitors.
Luxmy Furniture Pooja Rao, Director Luxmy Group has grown to be one of Australia’s leading independent manufacturers of worktops, tables and loose furniture for the commercial market. The brands include Luxmy Furniture, Woodmark Australia and LuxStudio, all of which champion local design and sustainable processes. Luxmy is one of only a handful of independent manufacturers supplying in partnership for dealers.
Medical First Group Alok Anand, Director Medical First Group is built around providing the best structure and support to their general practitioners. They focus on upholding safe and efficient processes, providing acess to quality professional development and nurturing a healthy culture of collaboration.
MRHB Naquib Mohammed, Founder A key principle of MRHB is that interest based lending drives excessive indebtedness and consumption which is contrary to financial, environmental and social sustainability. Thus amongst other services our platform will offer interest free based crypto financing in the future.
QSL Prem Reddy, Managing Director QSL Group was established in 2004 as Quantum Service and Logistics, based in Sydney, Australia. The Company has since experienced significant growth through expansion in service offerings, superior performances and establishment of a regional footprint within Asia Pacific countries.
SDP Solutions Raj Sesha, Director Founded in 2004, SDP Solutions' team of highly motivated enthusiasts partner with independent contractors, recruitment agencies and companies including consulting firms provide truly tailored administrative services to ensure effective, efficient and fully compliant operations.
Singh Homes Daman Anand, Director Singh Homes are passionate and committed home builders. They provide new home building services for individuals with specific needs and circumstances that are often outside the scope of many highvolume home builders, specialising in building custom new homes for their customers on their land, as well as catering for those who are looking for home and land packages.
Techrite Controls Anubhav Anand, MD Techrite Controls is a product and system solutions provider to the Australasian gas industry. Over the past three decades, Techrite has earned excellent reputation in design and supply of gas safety controls & combustion equipment for industries including CSG/ LNG, hydrogen, metals, power generation, plaster board, textiles, food, alternative fuels, automotive, mining.