TRooTech: Mobile Applications that Understands Business

Niraj Jagwani

Co-Founder & CEO

Two average engineering students Niraj and Priyank studying together didn’t attend most of the lectures in academics but manage to pass with average scores. For them the world had switched from Web 2.0 to OS specific mobile applications and this included wear ables, IoT, surface apps, smart TVs. They could never have waited for academics to give them the knowledge on this briskly changing dynamic scenarios and technology. Because of their intriguing interest towards technology, they were constantly involved in assisting College Board in implementing digital ideas and executing them, thereby most of the times were found in the staffroom instead of attending the class. Moreover, they believed in investing time on practical knowledge instead of attending the class, which was definitely not their cup of tea.

Eventually, graduating from college in the first quarter of 2014, both landed into a full time job. However, back of their head they always had the urge to start their own venture and
be a part of the changing trend. After several late night business meetings and discussions later by end of 2014, Priyank finally decided to quit his job and started focusing completely on developing mobile applications and launched their website. Soon, Niraj also joined him and this led to the establishment of TRooTech. Soon after the establishment, they duo started excelling in mobile application development space and catering their services to businesses across domains.

TRooTech uses much simpler approach that brings back the missing element of trust in development services

User Defined Quality Apps

Since there is bounteous competition and ample numbers of people are diving into mobile application. Since there is bounteous competition and ample numbers of people are diving into mobile application development as business, the competition is directing less towards the quality services delivery and more towards price factors. TRooTech uses much simpler approach that brings back the missing element of trust in development services. “We go deep in understanding the requirements before we confirm the project. That helps prospects to gain more trust. It also helps us to make near perfect evaluations and thus we are able to
achieve project completion on planned time. And once the perfect execution of the application occurs and when prospects get the additional details in their own plan, and our attention to those details, we don’t have to do the sell anymore, it just happens,” says Niraj Jagwani, Co-Founder & CEO, TRooTech.

TRooTech offers plethora of services which includes UI design and UX planning, interaction designing, information architecture, mobile app development, web application development, web portal developments, wearable apps developments, and apps for IoT devices. Throwing light on, Niraj adds, “We start developing the app by considering the use and targeted audiences. Then we use Android and iOS platforms to create one and make sure to scale the product improvement for the future, followed by actual development and incremental quality assurance analysis which leaves no surprises at the end of the projects.”

Based in Ahmadabad, TRooTech has a technology driven team consisting of 38 employees and since inception has grown tremendously in terms of revenue and project execution. Narrating about the future roadmap, Niraj concludes, “We have already started accepting requests for wearable apps, IoT Applications, Applications for Smart TVs and have trained our resources on the same. Also, we have doubled our inbound marketing efforts which when successful will bring us effective results.”