24 Response: On-Demand Safety & Assistance Service

In the last monsoon season, there was a flood that hit Gurgaon and the rain was pouring down for three consecutive days. During this time, 24 Response, On Demand Safety Service which provides a Quick Response and Immediate Assistance to its customers, received a distress call from a couple as their car had broken down. Unfortunately the couple was stuck inside the car with all the doors jammed. The situation was out of control and it became even worse within a matter of second because of the massive rain pouring outside causing traffic jam. Immediately 24 Response went to their rescue and reached out to the vehicle and through the sunroof they pulled the couple out safely and the team towed their car and dropped them home.

Needless to say, 24 Response services are woven around the safety & security of people during an emergency, threat or even a non-critical safety situation. “At any time of the day people can connect to 24 Response, via app or a call. Our Track Me feature on
app initiates live tracking of their journey, and we start continuous monitoring and recording last mile locations, till such time they safely reaches their destination. While Help Me feature connects them to our 24/7 Command & Control Centre having a trained team to provide help on any kind of safety issue, and we dispatch our nearest located on ground- responders and coordinate with the emergency service providers as the case merits. Also, if the situation demands police co-ordination or an ambulance/fire tender/towing truck etc., we are the one point contact to get our users and their loved ones any kind of safety and security assistance in no time,” says Sunil Nihal Duggal, Founder, 24 Response.

Needless to say, 24 Response services are woven around the safety & security of people during an emergency, threat or even a non-critical safety situation

The company also offers services including Personal Security, where a person is getting stalked, followed or on a road rage or it could be a Medical Emergency wherein there is need for an ambulance or any arrangement for any sudden sickness or medicine delivery at odd hours.

People’s Personal Guardian
24 Response is backed by 24 Secure who has been in the security space for 15 plus years and truly understands the security requirements while being extremely passionate about protecting people’s lives. The company has developed a user friendly app where they are catering security for everyone on a mass scale and not just limited to few who could afford private security. An additional personalized layer before government services, 24 Response takes ownership in a way that one has got security just a touch away, assured by on call & on ground response 24 hours a day across India.

With PAN India coverage, 24 Response has about 10,000 feet on ground plus a solid network of more than 85,000 registered service providers PAN India. They have their own offices in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, and are in the process of expanding in Pune, Chennai and Goa within this year. Being first of its kind in the space, Sunil speaks, “On your phone you have your food app, chat app, music app. But, where is your safety app? That is what we want to be. We want to be your safety app on your phone’s real estate. So that, you have covered all the aspects of life and we shall assure you 24 hours safety. Also, as the biggest differentiator, we pride ourselves with the largest footprint and on ground responder team, which has redefined the way safety is delivered.”