• 20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed By Indians In the Uk

    The saga of Indian immigrants in the UK is a testament to their pivotal role in steering the nation's economic and social prosperity. These individuals have become indispensable to the UK's socio-economic fabric, making substantial contributions through their entrepreneurial ventures. From cutting-edge tech startups to robust large-scale businesses, Indian-origin entrepreneurs are vital to the UK's economic health. Their ventures boost the GDP and create thousands of jobs, enhancing the UK-India trade and investment ties. Indian leaders are harbingers of agility and strategic acumen in the echelons of the UK's largest corporations. Their involvement is crucial as these companies navigate the complexities of a fast-evolving global economy. The influence of the Indian diaspora extends beyond mere adaptation; they are shaping market trends and pushing technological boundaries, ensuring that British businesses remain competitive and innovative on the world stage. The versatility of Indian entrepreneurs in the UK is evident across various sectors. In finance, they hold key positions in top banks and are pivotal in shaping the landscape of financial services. Indian-led startups spearhead digital innovation in technology, underlining the diaspora's broad and significant impact on the nation's industries. Beyond their economic impact, Indian immigrants profoundly enrich the UK's cultural landscape and societal cohesion. Their success stories reflect commercial triumphs and the successful integration and contribution to the UK's multicultural ethos. Through cultural festivals and community initiatives, they promote social unity and a deeper understanding among diverse groups, making the UK a more inclusive and vibrant society. This edition of SI 20 UK 2024 celebrates the inspiring journeys of the Indian diaspora, whose entrepreneurial spirit and cultural contributions have played a crucial role in the UK's ongoing success. We spotlight companies led by Indian entrepreneurs, such as Fastway Constructions, a leading construction company based in London and offer insights from industry leaders like like Amit Shivpuja, Director of Data Governance and Strategy— Merchandising at Walmart [NYSE: WMT], Poonam Chauhan, Head of Technology Operations at Moto Hospitality, and more. We hope these exclusive insights and solutions, featured in this edition, help you make well-informed decisions about your business's growth and success. Let us know your thoughts.  

20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed By Indians In the Uk

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bryonn Architecture Ninad Patil, Founder & Director Bryonn Architecture is a UK-based architecture firm specializing in mixed-use and bespoke residential developments. The firm’s commitment to context driven and eco-friendly solutions ensures functionality and aesthetic appeal while promoting environmental stewardship.
Fastway Constructions Sushil Kumar, Director Fastway Constructions is a construction company based in London. It specializes in structural work for both domestic and commercial clients. With a team of qualified structural engineers, it manages projects from conception to completion. Additionally, they offer house extensions with a 10-year warranty on their work.
G V Tech Solution Anshuman Pandey, Director GV Tech Solution is an IT consultancy that delivers practical automation and IT solutions across the healthcare, finance and energy sectors. It offers services to companies that need software development, mobile app solutions, IT support and consultancy.
3VRM Ashish Patel, Director 3VRM is a specialist consultancy that aids organizations in identifying and managing risks within their thirdparty supply chains and vendor relationships. A small network of skilled professionals, that aim to provide market-leading expertise in Third Party and Vendor Risk Management.
4most Manish Gandhi, Chief Commercial Officer 4most is an international analytics consultancy recognized for its expert team and innovative methods. The company excels in data analysis, fosters collaboration, and prioritizes employee development. Various Financial institutions trust 4most in delivering confident, data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.
AIV Capital Ethan Khatri, Managing Director AIV Capital is a leading asset manager focusing on private-market direct investments in the EU, US, and Asia. It offers global institution's investment, and risk management solutions, evaluating direct and secondary opportunities in private equity and venture capital for customized access.
Benham And Reeves Anita Mehra, Managing Director Benham and Reeves, a long-standing independent property specialist excels in lettings, management, and sales. As founder members of ARLA Propertymark (the Association of Residential Letting Agents) and NAEA Propertymark (the National Association of Estate Agents), the company ensures a transparent, professional, and thorough approach in all its services.
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Jag Grewal, Chief Executive Officer" Cambridge Nutritional Sciences is a global diagnostics testing company dedicated to enhancing life expectancy by providing accurate health information. As a pioneer in food sensitivity testing, it leverages its prowess in nutrition and functional medicine and supports healthcare practitioners with advanced diagnostics.
DNS Accountants Sumit Agarwal, Founder & Managing Director DNS Accountants is a distinguished firm recognized for its expertise in accounting, tax planning, and consulting. The company has experienced substantial growth by serving a diverse clientele with tailored solutions designed to provide material value beyond standard procedures.
Genesis Technology Services Amit Kumar, CEO Genesis Technology Services is an engineering service provider that supports the UK’s biggest telecom operators, infrastructure and OEM companies. It offers a complete portfolio of services like site survey planning and design, network build, network testing, and optimization, network maintenance, high-level support and installation and maintenance of power and electronic equipment.
Harold Benjamin Sarju Kotecha, Solicitor and Legal Director Harold Benjamin is a reputable law firm known for its innovative and pragmatic legal services. Specializing in real estate, private wealth, and various other industries, their dedicated team combines passion with a businessoriented approach, consistently delivering exceptional results and earning widespread acclaim.
HealthAid® Dilip Patel, Owner and Managing Director HealthAid® is an established and reputable brand that provides a wide range of over 560 high-quality health supplements with a strong reputation for offering innovative, premium quality and affordable products. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and rendering products that cater to the diverse dietary needs of its customers.
IntelliSense.io Sam G Bose, Founder & CEO IntelliSense.io leverages scientific AI to offer a premier decision intelligence platform and process optimization applications tailored for the Metals Circular Economy. Its solutions stabilize plant operations, minimize downtime, boost yield, and lower operational costs per tonne while enhancing sustainability through reduced energy, chemical, and water usage.
More Crew Ajay Malhan, Director More Crew specializes in providing essential human capital solutions for events, ensuring success by deploying highly specialized and experienced personnel. The company excels in offering end-to-end support to bring the clients' visions to life with unparalleled professionalism and efficiency.
MWL Suresh Patel, Director MWL is a reputable multidisciplinary firm specializing in building services engineering consultancy. Its offerings encompass mechanical, electrical, sustainability, infrastructure, and fire consultancy. The company prioritizes sustainability, integrating solutions including solar water heating, photovoltaics, and rainwater harvesting into its projects.
Mylocum Group Raj Nathan, Founder Mylocum Group is a prominent healthcare recruitment agency that focuses on connecting healthcare professionals worldwide with opportunities in the UK. Established as a Locum Doctors agency, it has since expanded to include Locum Nursing and Overseas recruitment, facilitating global talent integration into the UK healthcare sector.
Peverel Court Care Anil Dhanani, Owner Peverel Court Care offers high-quality elderly care in luxurious environments, led by dedicated professionals who prioritize resident and family happiness. As a trusted family-run enterprise, the company is renowned for its unwavering commitment to care standards and employee satisfaction.
Polystar Plastics Jai Talwar, Managing Director Polystar Plastics specializes in customized polythene solutions leading to sustainable packaging innovation. From an advanced production facility, it creates a diverse array of products such as shrink films, stretch films, and custom bags. It provides tailored packaging solutions and expert consultation services, ensuring optimal solutions for all business requirements.
Raptor Supplies Arjun Singh, Director Raptor Supplies, an e-commerce firm, offers an extensive range of over 2 million MRO products and industrial supplies. Catering to SMEs, large corporations, and public-sector entities across the EU, EMEA, and APAC, it specializes in categories such as electrical, safety, hand tools, plumbing, abrasives, and test instruments.
Revive! Jai Patel, Business Owner Revive! renders mobile SMART repairs for minor bodywork and alloy wheel damage, catering to the general public, car dealerships, fleets, leases, and insurance companies. With the largest network of accredited repairers nationwide, Revive! sets the standard in professional cosmetic repairs, ensuring superior service and customer satisfaction across the UK.