• 20 Most Promising Companies Founded Or Managed By Indians In APAC

    The bustling economy of the APAC region has witnessed Indian expats leave a lasting mark, nurturing innovation and championing diversity. They have pioneered innovative startups that introduce new technologies and services, fueling economic growth and employment opportunities. Leveraging specialized skills in information technology, engineering, healthcare, and finance, they have augmented the region's workforce, contributing significantly to various industries. The contributions of the Indian diaspora continue to inspire millions, guiding them towards a future characterized by inclusivity, collaboration, and prosperity. They set the stage where diversity is embraced and celebrated, and the entrepreneurial spirit knows no borders. This edition of SiliconIndia, SI 20 APAC 2023, is dedicated to inspiring journeys of Indian entrepreneurs and leaders who have created and taken forward companies that have flourished in APAC’s fiercely competitive market. Our panel of accomplished founders, CXOs, and VCs, along with SiliconIndia’s editorial team, has curated a list of the most promising companies founded or managed by Indians in the APAC region to assist you in locating the best-in-class solutions and services for your business. Among these is NIIT, a distinguished talent development corporation. The firm administers advanced learning and talent development initiatives for individual and corporate learners through its diverse businesses, such as NIIT Digital, Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance (IFBI), and TPaaS. The magazine also features insights from Manpreet Singh, senior MD and head of group customer experience, CIMB and Poonam Chauhan, head of technology operations at Moto Hospitality offer their opinions on the currently utilized business practices. We hope that these exclusive insights and the diverse solutions featured in this edition help you make well-informed decisions for the growth and success of your business. Let us know your thoughts.

20 Most Promising Companies Founded Or Managed By Indians In APAC

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ASEAN Business Partners Sumit Dutta, Founder & CEO ASEAN Business Partners is one company leading the charge in assisting businesses in capitalizing on the ASEAN opportunity. Established in 2020, this organization provides comprehensive advisory and strategy execution services to companies seeking to enter or expand within the ASEAN region.
Aventra Group Mohan Vasudevan, Executive Chairman Aventra Group is a boutique IT company specialising in maritime digital solutions and services and enterprise IT managed services. Within the maritime industry, Aventra Group encompasses shipping, ports, terminals, and sea logistics, considered blue ocean industries in the digital space.
CIMET Raj Jain, Co-Founder CIMET is Australia's first comprehensive comparison solution, tailored explicitly for partner businesses. It has evolved to encompass a wide range of product comparisons and developed platforms for over 100 brands.
Coreium Niraj Sanghavi, Founder & CEO Coreium is catalyzing the transformation from legacy barriers to enhanced digital capabilities through its collaborative banking services and tools. By partnering with Coreium, companies can uplift their internal capabilities without outsourcing their technology needs to a third-party vendor and easily succeedin today's complex and dynamic market.
Decube Jatin Solanki, Founder and CEO Dedicated to a singular mission–the transformation of how enterprises interact with their data–Decube stands as a trailblazer in contemporary data stack solutions. Its platform seamlessly combines user-friendliness and comprehensiveness, engineered to elevate and accelerate clients’ expeditions through data.
NIIT Kamal Dhuper, President NIIT China Whether it's empowering individuals to enhance their skills and careers, enabling working professionals to excel in their roles, or assisting corporations in optimizing workforce productivity and efficiency, NIIT is dedicated to facilitating personal and professional growth. NIIT Ltd. delivers a diverse range of learning and talent development programs to millions of individual and corporate learners in futuristic domains through its various businesses.
OULBYZ Veejay Madhavan, Founder and CEO OULBYZ is an avantgarde management and people development consultancy, committed to forging connections between organizations, distributors, and the formidable energy of Gen Z talent. Its mission is to ignite purpose within the emerging leaders of tomorrow while fostering unbreakable alignment across every echelon of leadership and management. OULBYZ is registered in Singapore with strategic expert partnerships across Asia.
SquareX Vivek Ramachandran, Founder & CEO SquareX leverages the concept of disposable browsing to address the longstanding tension between cybersecurity and user productivity. Its browser extension facilitates secure web interactions by creating isolated, gigabit-speed browsing sessions.
AGP Sustainable Real Dhiraj Somani, Senior VP, Investments | Real Estate Private Equity AGP Sustainable Real Assets is a sustainable real assets investment company that invests in renewable energy, sustainable communities and infrastructure, and green technologies. AGP’s mission is to drive a sustainable and net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions future.
Avista Rajiv Kochhar, Founder, Managing Director & CEO Avista Advisory is a boutique investment banking firm that provides strategic and financial advisory services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, investors, family offices, corporations, and private equity funds. The firm’s services include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, capital raising, and asset management.
BeTagged Shamik Talukder, CEO and Co-founder BeTagged specialize in providing real-time data and analytics on Influencers and their Followers, which enable their clients to achieve 40 per cent higher Marketing ROI.
GIRAFFE AI LABS Jason Cho, CEO GIRAFFE AI LABS is a financial platform that offers users a one-stop shop for developing, validating, back-testing, and deploying trading strategies. The platform is designed to be easy to use and provides users access to a wide range of multi-asset, curated market data, including alternative and in-house datasets.
GTS Techlabs Murthy Muniyappa, Chief Innovation Officer GTS Techlabs is a technology company that offers a wide range of products and solutions to help telecom and fintech companies succeed. The company's products and solutions are focused on customer engagement, fraud detection, revenue management, and regulatory technology (RegTech).
Lapasar Dannis Raj David , Co-founder & COO Lapasar is a B2B marketplace that digitises and simplifies the procurement process for SMEs in the Restaurant and Grocery industry. The company offers a platform to buy supplies and on-demand supply logistics. Lapasar also offers a Corporate Marketplace that helps businesses digitise and simplify their procurement processes.
MORS Group Shanggari B, CEO MORS Group is a business consulting firm that helps companies achieve sustainable growth. The company offers a range of services, including leadership coaching, sustainability planning, recognition, professional training, research, executive coaching, networking, and program development.
Neutron Group Satesh Rau A N Raj, CEO Neutron Group is a multi-disciplinary business solutions company. The company helps businesses achieve sustainable growth and success through innovative and tailored solutions that leverage human capital solutions and AIoT. They develop customised solutions to help their clients achieve their goals.
Ramadon International Giri Agarwal, Owner Ramadon International is a global commodity trading company that specializes in intermediate bulk products. The company offer a wide range of services to their clients, from procurement to distribution. They specialise in intermediate bulk products, which are raw materials or semi-finished goods that are used in manufacturing other products.
Sharma Holdings ., . Sharma Holdings is a multifaceted Indian-Foods Company based in Japan, overseeing the Import, Wholesale, and Retail of Big Indian Food Brands across the country.
Spring Galaxy Carol Liew, Co-Founder and Director Spring Galaxy is a business valuation and strategic advisory firm that helps companies make informed decisions about their businesses. The company offer various services, including valuation, financial modelling, and strategic advisory. Spring Galaxy serves a range of clients, from startups to large corporations.
Validus Nikhilesh Goel, Founder Validus is a leading SME financing platform that provides financial solutions to small businesses. Validus uses data and AI to drive growth financing to the under-served SME sector and to provide faster and effortless financial solutions to its customers.