• 20 Most Promising Companies founded or managed by Indians in the UK 2023

    In the UK, Indian entrepreneurs thrive and contribute substantially to the country's economic tapestry. They bring forth the incredible potential of entrepreneurship, benefiting from the business-friendly climate. With boundless talent and unwavering determination, they not only achieve personal triumphs but also enrich the multicultural UK. Sectors like technology, retail, and healthcare are infused with their unique perspectives, fostering diversity. The journeys of Indian entrepreneurs in the UK are marked by overcoming challenges, tenacity, innovation, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, embodying a promise for the future. Their achievements serve as guiding beacons for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing that innate talent, dedication, and resilience can make a global impact. The success of Indian entrepreneurs in the UK exemplifies the transformative power of cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. It sets an example for other nations, demonstrating that open borders, strong education systems, and supportive business environments can cultivate entrepreneurship and drive economic growth. We eagerly anticipate the continued rise of Indian entrepreneurs in the UK, accompanied by the dawn of innovative ventures. Their perspectives and entrepreneurial zeal not only contribute to economic prosperity but also foster cultural understanding and harmony in our interconnected global society. This edition showcases the captivating journeys of Indian entrepreneurs who have conquered remarkable frontiers. Companies like A-C-T International, Adqura, Data Dezign, Gambit, Linkology, Partners4Access, Ribbon, Sekura Mobile Intelligence, and Silencespeaks illustrate the diverse range of enterprises crafted by these enterprising individuals. Furthermore, this issue unveils invaluable insights and best practices shared by industry luminaries such as Ananth Nadiger, Partho Banerjee, and Rajeeve Kaul. Their wisdom propels progress across various fields. We believe that the guidance offered by these esteemed thought leaders and the solutions showcased within these pages will serve as invaluable resources for informed decision-making on your entrepreneurial journey. Your insights and perspectives are deeply valued as we foster a collaborative community.

20 Most Promising Companies founded or managed by Indians in the UK 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A C T International Naina Sharon Anand, Founder & CEO A-C-T is a boutique firm working with tech start-up entrepreneurs who are trying to establish businesses at the frontiers of cutting-edge technology. A-C-T works with entrepreneurs to scale their businesses during and after the discovery phase, across six of the eight transformative technologies i.e., blockchain, quantum, biometrics, robotics, IOT, AI, and serverless computing.
Data Dezign Girish Jain, , Founder & Director Data Dezign is an IT company established in 2001. It provides smart data solutions with a peronalised touch, enabling clients to be datadriven.
Gambit Partners Ajay Mistry, Founder & Director With a new approach to consulting, Gambit Partners provides small- and medium-sized startups and scaleupbusinesses with access to experienced, results-driven professionals to accelerate their growth goals.
Linkology Bikash Mathur, Co-Founder; Sunil Rajan, Co-Founder, Harsimran Singh, Co-Founder; Bippin Makoond, Co-Founder Linkology is an e-learning provider that aims to nurture the creative confidence of children and provide them with the tools to harness their creative energy and produce breakthrough innovations that will advance future generations. Linkology’s data-first and research-backed approach empowers students, teachers, parents, and professionals to become more creative.
Partners4Access Aparna Krishnan, Partner - Global Operations, Akshay Kumar, Partner Partners4Access is a consultancy firm that specialises in market access for orphan drugs. Their work involves assisting pharmaceutical companies in navigating the complex process of developing and launching orphan drugs in different markets around the world.
Ribbon Ashesh Jani, Co-Founder & CEO Ribbon Plc (“Ribbon”) is a carbon-neutral, financial services platform that focuses on helping students and work permit holders to open accounts and avail financial services from day one in the host country (UK or Europe). The company is recognized as a leading digital FinTech solution provider that offers a hyper-personalized super app to cater to every financial requirement of users at the tip of their fingers. The company conducts a quick onboarding journey and also offers a payments marketplace, Integrated within Ribbon’s platform. The company also offers a gamified and interactive experience to its usersand leverages intelligent AI to help users save, spend, invest, and grow their wealth.
Sekura Mobile Intelligence Gautam Hazari, CTO Sekura Mobile Intelligence, a global leader in mobile identity services, delivers solutions to enable the digital economy to thrive while protecting consumers and organizations. It leverages its relationships with mobile network operators (MNO) to obtain key data that helps protects users from identity attacks.
Threat Intelligence Bureau (TIB) LTD. Ashwin Venugopal, Founder Threat Intelligence Bureau LTD based out of London UK, is the brainchild of Ashwin Venugopal, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional #1 of #37 in the entire UK. His vision is to provide maximum security and peace of mind to individuals, organizations, and institutions through AI-powered cybersecurity operations.
Adqura Kayvan Mahinfar, CEO , Sameer Prakash, CTO Adqura provides a comprehensive suite of AI-driven customer and staff decisioning, as well as end-to-end deployment and continuous support. It works with customers in a variety of industries on customer decisioning, from building business strategies to offering capability assessments, roadmaps, implementation, decisioning optimization, and continuing support.
Astec IT Indy Chatwal, Owner With a focus on customer satisfaction, they provide comprehensive services ranging from IT consulting to cloud solutions. Astec IT Solutions combines expertise, reliability, and a clientcentric approach to empower businesses in achieving their goals and staying ahead in a competitive landscape.
Bramwith Consulting Saffa Ayub, Director Leading supply chain and procurement recruiters in the UK, Bramwith Consulting sources candidates internationally. Hundreds of satisfied clients and candidates have benefited from Bramwith's unmatched database and ethical and moral working practices.
Crowdinvest Suchit Punnose, Chairman and Co-Founder Crowdinvest is a revolutionary invention that alters the way investing is democratized. With its unique platform and bespoke services for customers, it makes private equity public and unlocks the potential of cross-border investment.
Dentsu X SANJAY NAZERALI, Global Client & Brand President With a vast network of resources, dentsu X offer efficient freight forwarding, customs clearance, and warehousing services. Their experienced team ensures seamless endto- end solutions, empowering businesses to optimize their operations and streamline their global logistics processes.
Exposure Maneeze Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer Exposure.net is a leading digital marketing agency that helps businesses maximize their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. With a strategic approach and a talented team, they offer a wide range of services, including SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and web design, to drive brand visibility and business growth.
Infracapital Hamza Khan, Transaction Directo The European infrastructure platform, Infracapital, invests in, develops, and manages a wide range of crucial infrastructure to satisfy the changing demands of society and provide the sizeable investment necessary to assist in constructing the future.
Interstellar Space Technologies Mohit Joshi, Founder & CEO Interstellar Space Technologies is a Londonbased firm that focuses on in-space manufacturing and building in order to enable access to space and distribute the benefits it could provide. It is backed by UCL Innovation & Enterprise and the UK Space Agency Explore Programme.
Invinity Energy Systems [AIM: IES] Larry Zulch, Chief Executive Officer For the large-scale energy storage needs of corporations, industry, and electrical networks, Invinity Energy Systems [AIM: IES] develops vanadium flow batteries. It's particularly created for high-utilization applications that ensure the dependability of low-carbon renewable production.
OnPoint Mortgages Akash Desai, Protection Adviser/Director With offices in Sussex and clients all across the country, OnPoint Mortgages is a whole of market, independent mortgage brokerage that is licensed by the FCA. It offers brief and understandable mortgage advice in a variety of areas, including residential, commercial, and insurance coverages.
Silencespeaks Pavan Madduru, Founder Silencespeaks is an emerging pivot for the Deaf community, including sign and non-sign language users. It offer real-time social connections for hearing/speechchallenged people all around the world.
Strand Hill Jilani Chowdhury, Director & Co-founder Strand Hill provides real estate recruiting, retained search, and talent consultancy services. They assist clients ranging from Institutional Investors, Private Equity, Asset Management, REITs, Prop Cos, and Developers in managing finance, investment management, and accounting requirements.