Bizydale Nets : Spearheading the AR/VR Market with a Consultative Approach

Vrushali Pradhan

Head-Sales & HR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to become next disruptive technologies taking the marketplace by storm. The ever growing number of smartphones, tablet PCs and the inevitable market competition is playing a crucial role in driving the growth of the AR-VR market. Additionally, the cross sales of VR head gears by the smartphone leaders appears to be acting as a catalyst in this process. The country witnessed an investment of 85 percent in AR-VR during the first half of 2016. As Indian start-ups continue to venture into this market, Indian brands are more empowered to utilize AR and VR to succeed in the market.

However, the fact that AR/VR is still an emerging technology, poses a major challenge to the growth of the market. Dearth of skilled AR/VR professionals, high cost of infrastructure, technology and manpower, lack of effective marketing, issues such as security
and compatibility are the main pain points facing vendors at present.

Within a short span of time Bizydale Nets has been acclaimed for its consultative approach, creativity,flexibility,quality and commitment towards the projects

Bengaluru based, Bizydale Nets has been creating ripples in the AR-VR segment since it dived into the market in 2015. When asked about the inspiration to enter into this market despite the challenges, the founder & CEO of Bizydale Nets, Satyajeet Pradhan says, “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Similarly every industry has its challenges. However these challenges only drive you to seize the opportunity and succeed. He boasts, “Within a short span of time Bizydale Nets has been acclaimed for its consultative approach, creativity, flexibility, quality and commitment towards the projects.”

The amalgamation of latest technology with skilled content writers backed by voice-overs and shooting instruments like drones, high resolution cameras among others enables the firm to build 360 degree still walk through and videos in Virtual reality and Augmented reality mode.
Bizydale Nets also works on mixed reality marking themselves as a revolutionary marketing solution builder who is able to ensure high customer engagement and better ROI across industry verticals. Providing an insight into the firm’s best practises Satyajeet Pradhan explains that the team at Bizydale Nets puts in great effort to understand the actual need of customer for an enhanced client satisfaction. Unique solutions with on-time delivery are some of the other key practices that govern the firm’s relationship with its clients.

Envisioning the future, Satyajeet Pradhan delineates, “Bizydale Nets aims to become the most effective business solution building company with a vision to improve the profitability of each sector through its expert approach, high efficiency and building the right solutions for the right need.” He further adds that the firms is looking to hire experts from all industry segments and expand its application to use all modern techniques and revolutionary technologies like artificial intelligence to build more user friendly and effective solutions and expand the horizon of their expertise. With the determination to emerge as one of the best one stop business solution building company Bizydale Nets is gearing up to make a move in the direction of AR-VR application in the educational and film production sectors.