• Top SI DevOps Solutions Providers - 2024

    When it comes to software development, staying ahead means embracing change—something the DevOps movement understands well. It’s not just about technology; it’s about transforming how teams collaborate and innovate in real time. Deep within the heart of this transformation, the technical prowess of the Indian diaspora has been instrumental. With their extensive expertise, these professionals are reshaping crucial DevOps components like automation, infrastructure management, and cloud technologies. What’s remarkable about the contributions from this community is their dual impact: enhancing technological frameworks while injecting a vibrant diversity of perspectives into global DevOps teams. This isn’t just collaboration; it’s a melting pot of ideas, with active engagement in open-source projects and community initiatives that drive a rich exchange of knowledge and spur collective advancement. On a global scale, the influence of this talented group is indisputable, with many assuming key leadership positions within major tech corporations. Moreover, Indian-led startups are not merely participating in the market; they are spearheading it, crafting innovative DevOps solutions that are redefining industry standards and making a profound impact on the worldwide business ecosystem. As we move through 2024, a landmark year for DevOps marked by brisk innovation and significant cross-industrial influence, the message for business leaders is clear. The future is here, and it demands harnessing these advancements, fostering team development, and committing to a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative innovation. These aren’t just steps to take; they’re imperatives for those aiming to unlock potential and catalyze progress in our increasingly technology-driven world. This edition of DevOps 2024 spotlights leading DevOps solution providers driving tangible transformations. Additionally, thought leaders such as Amit Shivpuja, Director of Data Governance and Strategy – Merchandising at Walmart [NYSE: WMT], Lijesh Shetty, Senior Director of eCommerce and Digital Product Engineering at SRS Distribution, and Gopinath Cataram, Director of Application and Software Development at William Blair, share insights into the world of DevOps. We hope these valuable insights from industry leaders featured in this edition will assist you in making informed decisions for your businesses. Let us know your thoughts.

Top SI DevOps Solutions Providers - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cloud Destinations Siva Dharmaraj, CEO Cloud Destinations is a pioneering cloud service and DevOps transformation company that enables seamless cloud migrations and cloud-native operations for its diverse clientele, leveraging its cloud-agnostic approach and deep expertise in software development, private cloud, and DevOps.
Maruti Mitul Makadia, Founder and CEO Maruti Techlabs is a leading software development company with a young and dynamic team of 250+ skilled professionals who excel in blending technical mastery with deep domain expertise. The company’s game-changing DevOps projects in HealthTech, InsurTech and LegalTech have contributed to an impressive Net Promoter Score of 4.8 out of 5.
Happiest Minds Technologies Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman Happiest Minds Technologies is a mindful IT company that enables digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers. It utilizes advanced technologies like AI, blockchain, cloud, and IoT, to enhance customer experiences, business efficiency, and insights. Its services span multiple industries, including BFSI, EdTech, healthcare, and manufacturing.
IdeyaLabs Prasad S, President and CEO ideyaLabs is a global technology company specializing in product development, data technology, design, and consulting. ideyaLabs excels in engineering Cloud, Web, and Mobile Apps leveraging next-gen technologies like 5G, IoT, and Blockchain, driving digital transformation and sustainable innovation for leading tech innovators.
KANINI Babu Krishnasamy, President and CEO KANINI is a digital transformation enabler offering innovative software services and solutions to drive business growth. Specializing in product engineering, data analytics & AI, and ServiceNow, KANINI empowers industries like Banking, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. It focuses on humancentric technology, fostering happier clients, partners, and employees.
Microland Pradeep Kar Founder, Chairman and Managing Director Microland enables enterprises to adopt next-generation digital infrastructure with ease. Focusing on cloud and data centers, networks, digital workplace, cybersecurity, and Industrial IoT, Microland ensures digital transformations are predictable, reliable, and stable. Its global team of experts is dedicated to making technology less intrusive and more efficient for businesses.
Perforce Software Anjali Arora, EVP, Product & Development Perforce Software offers scalable development and DevOps solutions to enhance dynamic development, intelligent testing, risk management, and seamless collaboration. It partners with high-stakes organizations to expedite market delivery and mitigate risk. Perforce is a trusted advisor among different industries including automotive, semiconductor, finance, gaming, medical devices, retail, and industrials.
Sun Technologies Ravi Damodaram, President & CEO Sun Technologies is an award-winning IT solutions provider specializing in infrastructure management, gaming services, application development, and testing. It excels in storage, virtualization, middleware, and database technologies offering legacy modernization, digital transformation, software development, independent software testing, media and entertainment services, and staff augmentation.
Sysdig Suresh Vasudevan, Chief Executive Officer Sysdig specializes in cloud-native threat detection and response, leveraging opensource technologies like Falco and Sysdig. By providing real-time insights and instantly detecting risk changes, Sysdig enables security teams to stop cloud attacks swiftly, ensuring business operations remain uninterrupted and secure.
WissenIT Group Naman Jain, Account Manager WissenIT Group is an Information Technology consulting and staffing firm that partners with premier clients in banking, finance, entertainment, and insurance. Particularizing in delivering IT solutions and deploying professionals efficiently, WissenIT Group enhances client performance through tailored joint partnerships.