May-2015 issue
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Author: Susila Govindaraj
With the influx of IoT, wearables and newer and newer versions of smartphones and memories, semiconductor industry is anticipating a significant growth more>>

In My Opinion

By Janae Stow Lee, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Quantum
Quantum (NYSE: QTM) is an expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection providing solutions for capturing, sharing... more>>
By Maneesh Jaikrishna, Vice President - India & Subcontinent, SITA
The App for Everything world will complement the Internet of Things, today's buzz phrase for an environment in which devices... more>>

Company Spotlight

Susila Govindaraj
Albeit senior management can notice axiomatic symptoms akin to exorbitant operational and supply chain costs, it is humanely... more>>
Susila Govindaraj
Whilst many extraneous online advertisements annoy us enough to give up our favourite website, there is another dangerous breed... more>>

50 Best Start-Ups To Work For

si Team
Helping people to conveniently choose such startups, siliconindia identifies "50 Best Startups to Work For" more>>

Best Startup to Work for - e-Learning

Kavitha G.
The existing dearth of effective quality content for students appearing for competitive exams was the seed of the Testbook,... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Online Furniture Portal

Rashmisree Deb - Assitant Editor, siliconindia
It can be rightly said that, the Indian startups have moved to an 'aspirational place to make dreams come true' from 'just a... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Online Gifting Solutions

Brinda Das
An invasive optimistic work culture is that citadel which binds all the employees of an organization together more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Supplier Governance

Kanak Prabha
In today's war for talent, where talented employees fully realize their market value, hiring quality professionals has become a... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Telecommunication

Brinda Das
With the help of certain innovative strategies which takes Tikona Digital Networks a level higher in the market, it has... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Wireless

Anamika Sahu
The 20 people team, who are associated with the company since its inception in 2012, have all inclined their vision with that... more>>

Best Startup to Work For-Healthcare Solutions

Kanak Prabha
In this fast growing technology oriented market, digital transformation has undergone a major overhaul and it has become easier... more>>

Best Start-up to Work for - Education Technology

Susila Govindaraj
ConveGenius, a next-generation edutainment solution provider, keeps employees pumped up all week long by taking them to movies... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - BI

Kavitha G.
Today, where businesses compete to shine through the clutter of fierce competition, customer loyalty is a business-must lifeline more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Cloud Managed Solutions

Kanak Prabha
REAN Cloud is made up of integrated mix of both fresher's those who are flexible and keen to learn and experts entrenched with... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Cloud Security Service

Rashmisree Deb - Assitant Editor, siliconindia
While most startups pop up with small teams, long working hours and close quarters, the best minds of Netskope seem to love... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Content Marketing

Rashmisree Deb
XDBS believes it success would not have been possible this early without the valuable contribution of its employees more>>

Best Startup to Work for - e-Commerce

Brinda Das
A positive work ambience perks up peripheral bonding by making clients contented also developing an efficient alliance with... more>>
Rashmisree Deb
'Entrepreneurship has no bar on age. It's never too early or late to start' more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Educational Services - Engineering

Brinda Das
Skyfi Labs was born out of a mission to groom engineering students to become employable and not merely textbook geniuses more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Embedded Systems

Kanak Prabha
the company has inculcated such culture where the employees are happy and thus productive. It's a win-win for both the company... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Enterprise Mobility

Brinda Das
When you say 'Startup', a usual visualization that comes to mind is a small office with brilliant minds brainstorming ideas to... more>>

Best Startups to Work For - IT Software Services

Susila Govindaraj
Typically when a project goes adrift, teams fritter away more time in playing the blame game than fixing it more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Mobile Advertising

Kanak Prabha
A digital media company - PK Online Ventures is one of the few who have incorporated such culture of meditation via their... more>>

Best Startup to work for - Mobile Application Development

Rashmisree Deb
Transparency at workplace is often a neglected value, yet it can tremendously perk up productivity, employee's morale and... more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Mobile Games Developer

Rashmisree Deb
Dumadu Games encourages employees to innovate, fail, learn and grow more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Networking

Kanak Prabha
Versa has roped in passionate and dedicated 'out- of-the-box' connoisseurs and 'find-a-way' adaptive engineers who aim to make... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Offshore Software Development

Rashmisree Deb - Assitant Editor, siliconindia
A company that goes along with the philosophy of 'All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy', is a Noida based off-shore... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Online Product Delivery

Kavitha G.
'Do what you love, love what you do'. Needless to say, this philosophy also enables people to enjoy their work and seize work... more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Online Shopping

Anamika Sahu
We are no more living in a time where money was the only motivation to join an organization more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Outsourcing

Anamika Sahu
The four-year old startup based out of Hyderabad is disrupting the IT & ITeS industry through its innovative and breakthrough... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - SAP Services

Kanak Prabha
Indian businesses have for long been guided by the concepts of multiculturalism and diversity, before they became trendy... more>>

Best Startup to work for - Semiconductor

Susila Govindaraj
Mobiveil, Inc., a Silicon IP and platform enabled services company ignites the innovative spirit of its people by rewarding... more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Telecom Networking

Kanak Prabha
The four walls of an office don't guarantee great ideas or successful product/solution building. Sometimes it's necessary to... more>>

Best Startup to Work For - Unified Communications

Susila Govindaraj
Realizing the magnitude of family's support, Inspiredge IT Solutions, an innovative KPO & ITeS company, creates impact on... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Visual Effects

Susila Govindaraj
Defining a strong work culture is the very first step towards transforming your company into a prominent brand more>>

Best Startup to Work for -Cloud Computing

Kavitha G.
Every employee desires to be a part of the environment where their talents are appreciated rather than their academic degrees... more>>

Best Startup to Work For: Cyber Security

Kanak Prabha
'Who needs a gun when you have a keyboard? more>>

Best Startups to Work for - Business Analytics

Brinda Das
HR experts have predicted that in 2015, major IT companies will recruit individuals for the domains of business analytics, big... more>>

Best Startup to Work For – Online Education

Kanak Prabha
As training provides both the company and the employees with benefits, SuperProfs.com have incorporated development initiatives... more>>

Best Startup to Work for - Energy

Rashmisree Deb
If you ask entrepreneurs, what's essential for them to create a company of people's choice, the answer will include 'creating a... more>>

Best startup to work for - HR Outsourcing

Kavitha G.
Hierarchical organizations are indeed better abodes for achieving clear directions of communication and clear promotional pathways more>>

Best Startups to Work for - Big Data & Analytics

Susila Govindaraj
Busigence creates decision intelligence products for real people by combining data, technology, business, and behavior enabling... more>>

CIO Insights

By Mike Kail, Chief Information Officer, Yahoo
With the rapid onset of digital transformation, the role and scope of the CIO is evolving and expanding, and the need to create... more>>
By N.K. Verma, General Manager – Information Technology & CIO, RCF Ltd.
CIO of a large organization is often caught in the horns of a dilemma due to varying demands and at times conflicting... more>>

CXO View Point

By Thilak Kumar, Manager, Field Engineering - APAC Industrial IoT Sales, Wind River
Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems. The company offers a comprehensive,... more>>
By Annie Mathew, Director, Alliances and Business Development, BlackBerry
ThE new breed of young entrepreneurs are unique in more ways than one, be it the products and services they offer, the risk... more>>
By Safir Adeni, President, TiE Hyderabad & Managing Director, Ineda Venture Group
Ineda Venture Group vests its focus on early stage entrepreneurial ideas, teams and businesses. more>>
By Mohan Krishnaraj, Head - User Experience Group, Symphony Teleca
Symphony Teleca is privately held software services company catering to the mobile communications industry more>>

VC talk

By Krishna Vinjamuri, Principal, Lightbox Ventures
Lightbox Ventures is a $100 million venture capital firm based out of Mumbai focusing on early stage consumer technology... more>>
By Bhavani Rana, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners
Headquartered in London, UK, Amadeus Capital Partners Limited is a venture capital firm specializing in growth capital... more>>
By Christian Ebersol, Associate, Comcast Ventures
Comcast Ventures is the private venture capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation. The firm was established with a goal to turn... more>>
By Salil Musale, Executive Director of Astarc Group
Astrac Ventures was launched by Astrac Group with an aim to partner with entrepreneurs with disruptive business ideas, which... more>>

Venture Beat

si Team
Country's leading taxi service aggregator, Ola (Erstwhile Olacabs) has raised $400 million in its Series E round of funding... more>>
si Team
Icertis - the leading provider of enterprise & contract management software in Microsoft Cloud - has raised $6 million in its... more>>


Anamika Sahu
In their early days, startups juggle between various issues pertaining to kick start their business and do not get time to... more>>
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