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SirionLabs: Well-woven Work Culture Delved in Excellence and Innovation

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kanak Prabha
In today's war for talent, where talented employees fully realize their market value, hiring quality professionals has become a challenge. Even more challenging is retaining capable employees. Founded in 2012, SirionLabs has taken the employer-employee equation to a new level by forging strong relationships with its employees, enabling it to not just attract but retain top talent. The company strongly believes in the philosophy that an organization which innovates and excels in its domain, automatically creates desirability in the minds of talented candidates to be a part of its growth story.

Employee retention is driven through employee engagement. SirionLabs engages its employees by providing them challenging work opportunities such as solving some of today's most relevant technology problems working with the finest minds from the sourcing and technology domain. At the core of SirionLabs' employee-centric work culture are its flat organizational structure, 360o performance evaluation process, transparent rewards and recognition programs, innovation, openness in communication and exchange of ideas. With core values like excellence and innovation ingrained in its DNA, SirionLabs has created a collaborative work culture that emphasizes strong work ethics. Strongly believing that creativity and innovation thrive in a healthy environment, the firm nurtures its people through flexible part-time/full-time/work-from-home opportunities, 24x7 food and beverages facility, weekly recreational activities, quarterly team excursions and a breakout room where employees enjoy Play Station and board games.

The young start-up has carved a niche of its own by redefining the way buyers and suppliers engage in complex services relationships with its breakthrough enterprise platform - Sirion. Sirion is a SaaS platform that radically simplifies the delivery and consumption of complex services like outsourced IT, BPO, logistics and facilities management. It bridges the gaps in existing supplier governance (for buyers) and revenue assurance (for suppliers) solutions by tightly integrating all five key disciplines - contracts, performance, financial, risk/compliance, and relationship management on a single, integrated platform.

SirionLabs takes pride in its dynamic team of 100+ that drives the development and delivery of its solutions. "We aim to provide our employees with exposure to the full gamut of software development activities. One example of this is the way projects are assigned. We have several software development teams, each consisting of a group of developers and quality assurance professionals. Each team is assigned a task type, such as new product features, technology and architecture improvements, and others. Each month, people in these teams are rotated to ensure that our employees are exposed to the various aspects of product development, and remain motivated through their diverse experiences," says Ajay Agrawal, Founder & CEO, SirionLabs.

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