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XDBS: A Platform Where Employees' Happiness Matters the Most

Rashmisree Deb
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first," said Simon Sinek, Author and Motivational Speaker. Not surprisingly, this philosophy has become a guiding light for XDBS, a three-year old bootstrapped company that endeavors to push the envelope when it comes to employee satisfaction. XDBS believes it success would not have been possible this early without the valuable contribution of its employees. This has been possible due to the nerve center of the company - Kartik Anand, Founder & President, whose mission values have steered XDBS to flourish profoundly from 5 people to embrace 220+ experts with a single agenda - to add value to its client's sales and marketing initiatives.

It is Kartik's firm belief that an employee sensitive ecosystem brings high level of proficiency across areas of database, customer intelligence, content dissemination & syndication, event registration & traffic assurance, opportunity creation and other performance-based marketing services. For XDBS, content marketing is the biggest cut of the business pie. The company has been promoting content & digital assets for many leading marketing and technology companies through its unique multi-channel methodology.

Keeping employee satisfaction as the pinnacle of success, XDBS follows an open door culture where anyone can approach anyone, anytime. Since maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a priority, the company offers flexible work timings as well as work from home options. To boost the morale of its employees, XDBS promotes an entrepreneurial culture to each of its employees, so they can develop a sense of ownership towards their work. The company organizes several training programs and continues to run employee-first initiatives to keep its experts abreast with latest technologies taking into account new actions, new hires and nip challenges in the bud.

Equal Opportunities to Women Employees

XDBS believes in providing equal opportunities to its women employees who constitute 40 percent of the company's total workforce. Initiatives such as Women's Day celebration and Family Day where mothers are asked to get their young ones to work. "We believe that women perform better than men in cultural efficiencies," says Kartik. Though XDBS focuses more on environment based enhancement and not security based, it still addresses the safety of women employees with couple of women security guards in office.Kartik adds, "We believe in providing a healthy work-life balance. We are also very stringent with our maternity policy, providing 6 months leave, facility of working from home and heading home early during the nursing period."

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