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VR Cyber Security: Team of IT Experts Transforming Cyber Security

Kanak Prabha
Sunday, May 10, 2015
Kanak Prabha
'Who needs a gun when you have a keyboard? In this power driven world where we are surrounded by a weapon as robust as a keyboard, there's zero necessity of using any firearm. The keyboard today has become synonym for Cyber warfare weapons, which has transformed internet into a binary battlefield. One of the very first cases of cyber-attack was documented in 1988, when the Morris worm – named after its inventor Robert Tappan Morris, had caused substantial damage on the internet. Since then several cases of such attacks have made history and are still dominating headlines. Hence the need experts who can block these attacks using their highly specialized tools and knowledge to fight from future invasions arose. As one could find such connoisseurs mostly in big organization, this 2014 born startup – VR Cyber Security with Head office at Raheja IT park, Hi-tech city, Hyderabad is one of the few who have roped in such Information Security professionals who have the motto 'we make IT Secure' ingrained their DNA.

With an in-depth understanding and clear analysis of IT services, the Hyderabad headquartered company stands tall amongst its competitors in offering Networking/Network Security, Firewall Management and many more Information security services. Transforming the world of cyber security, VR's innovative team of 24 leverages their expertise in Information Security which has earned the company a stellar reputation within the industry. With a team of full time trainers, the company provides dedicated state-of-the-art trainings aimed at helping organizations of all sizes to build knowledge & expertise in deploying the network quickly and effectively.

The startup ensures that their staffs (mostly the Team Leads) are certified by Cisco - a designation which certifies the specific expertise of technical professionals in technologies such as Networking & Network Security. VR recognizes such professionals who have attained specialized in-depth expertise in the essential areas of IT security. Rajeev Konduri, Founder & CEO, VR Cyber Security, says, "Our Team Leads leverage their experience and guidance in their team in such a way that everyone can participate in the decision making process which will also keep them abreast with the latest technologies".

The company also is an authorized Partner of EC-Council which provides the most prestigious Certifications to the field of Ethical Hacking, Forensic Investigation & penetration Testing. Forerunners in being one of the emerging global IT services providers, the company adds real value to the organizations through expertise solutions with proven success in providing services which are efficient and adaptable. Having said that, they have enabled innovative strategies across all services including Business Support Services, Disaster Recovery, Email & Web, Security Firewall Management, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Training & Consulting to name a few.

Having strived to be the best in an ecosystem of hard-working performers, the team at VR Cyber Security maintains a strong commitment to innovation. In terms of performance assessment, weekly and monthly performance review is done, wherein the employees are awarded with a bonus on the basis of their performance to keep their morale high. Energized with a young, dynamic and transparent culture, the company conducts frequent feedback sessions, where anyone is open to discuss their problems. The firm takes great pride in ensuring safety and security of its female employees for whom they have separate cabs installed with GPS and cameras. With an aim to reach the head count to 50 in a couple of months, the company soon wants to spread its wings internationally. Rajeev's hard work and dedication towards the company resulted in opening of second branch in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

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