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HomeLane: Unleash the Opportunities to Think Outside the Cube

Rashmisree Deb
Assitant Editor-siliconindia
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
The year 2014 has witnessed an eye-popping growth in the Indian startup ecosystem, the ecosystem which otherwise has been steered by only passion. It was high-time where startups grew at a breakneck speed and so was the aspirational value of working with a startup. Today, fresh graduates from premier engineering and management institutes prefer working in a startup at par with that of MNCs of the world. Even the senior management opened up to the roller coaster ride of startups and most of them decided to steer the ship for them. Thus, it can be rightly said that, the Indian startups have moved to an 'aspirational place to make dreams come true' from 'just a cool place to work for'. HomeLane is one such company who strongly believes in the power of dreams and inspires experienced and young professionals to be a part of them.

HomeLane, an online furniture company, prides itself on its commitment to open communication in the workplace and understands that a good work-life balance foster creativity and enthusiasm in employees. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, HomeLane offers flexible working policies, best leave policies, laptops, complimentary off in case an employee works on weekends, and gives employees opportunities to work from home (WFH) which has encouraged not only the male employees but also the female employees to join the organization. Women employees are not encouraged to work late nights, but in case if they have to, HomeLane ensures that they reach home safe and intimate their manager via an SMS. Team outings and parties are other energy boosters that motivate the employees to build long-lasting relationship with the company.These unique initiatives have created the perfect storm of opportunity for creative individuals to showcase their talents and produce outstanding services.

Srini Battula, the company's CTO says,"Business growth and opportunity that we are witnessing is exciting. Our core team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs who have the dexterity to built business and scale it to newer heights. We strongly believe that we have the right thing in place for us to take the leap. While we are good pay masters, we don't believe in paying the highest in the market to get people. Instead we believe in providing a work culture where our employees get to work on the latest technologies, learn a lot and continuously innovate. It's not just the CTC that matters to the employees, but there are small things which really make a big difference and motivate employees to give their best". Initiatives like brainstorming sessions on technology and out-of-the-box thinking has also helped HomeLane to stand out from the clutter of the interior designer industry.

HomeLane's Journey towards Success

The concept of HomeLane came into the limelight when the co-founders Rama Harinath and Srikanth Iyer decided to do interiors of their own homes and bear the brunt of overly-complicated home building process. Thus, the journey of HomeLane began in 2014 when Vivek M P, a seasoned designer with 18 years of industry experience joined hands with the duo to provide efficient & best-in-breed solutions to home builders.Serving 1000+ projects across the country, the company created a steer within the industry and today, it is one of the leading end-to-end vertically integrated interior design and manufacturing providers.

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