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Clematis: Celebrating Diversity & Multiculturalism

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kanak Prabha
Indian businesses have for long been guided by the concepts of multiculturalism and diversity, before they became trendy elsewhere in the world. Our history, our demography, and our culture have all been shaped by those enlightened principles. Though Clematis Technology Solutions, Hyderabad, is a relatively recent business organization, it has this traditional and historical mindset built into its ethos. The company believes in the shared values and abilities of a diverse workforce that is trained to have mutual trust and respect.

The workforce is a family whose welfare is of the utmost importance to the management. The management knows that a happy employee is a great asset and, ultimately, a great contributor to its bottom line. This is a win-win situation for both the employee and the management. It's no accident that Clematis has within a short period of time become one of the highly regarded, top-tier software solution providers within the country as well as in UK, U.S. and South Africa.

Great solutions come from innovative minds. This belief forms the basis of Clematis Technology Solutions whose principal mission is to provide SAP services, product development, web and mobile development, recruitment services, and more. Having established core competencies in SAP ERP platform, Clematis' technical experts have extended their reach to integrated solutions accession and robust offshore delivery practices. Tearing through the clutter of mundane industry practices through solid trends research, the firm has been helping public and private sector organizations strategize their application tasks efficiently to boost their bottom line. Their domain experts literally handhold the clients every step of the way to ensure that the industry best practices have been followed.

Clematis' five core values of integrity, high performance, accountability, constant growth and learning, and teamwork provide the underpinnings of their work ethic. The employees are their partners in success and share their ideas and opinions freely with the top management. Its founder and director, Raghu Boddu, famously says, "As our staff is highly dedicated, we work together as a single entity - a practice that has helped us achieve our distinction in the industry".

Since technology is their business, it is fully synced with their values resulting in world-class performance. Their experts constantly improve their technological prowess through participation in continuing education sessions, job training, and professional development programs. Raghu says, "To win the cyber business race, our team never hesitates to try out the latest trends in the industry, which gives our clients instant access to state-of-the-art technology and business expertise".

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