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Zepo.in: Where Work Meets Passion, Growth & Fun

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Anamika Sahu
We are no more living in a time where money was the only motivation to join an organization. MNCs are no longer the first choice of job seekers like they used to be in the old days. Because apart from money, personal growth, learning, perks and opportunities have become motivator for present job-seekers, in which startups are leaving MNCs behind. Offering much more than these, Zepo.in has emerged as one of the best startups to work for. The company came into existence with a mission to help the small businesses capitalize on the advancements in technology and e-commerce. It currently caters to eclectic mix of 1500+ business from across the country. With member strength of 65 and counting, the Mumbai headquartered company currently operates from three more offices based out of Noida, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Zepo derives its strength from its employees which according to Nitin Purswani, CEO of Zepo, is its greatest asset and should be referred to as 'members'. The reason he cites is that "As soon as you identify yourself as an employee it implies that you have a transactional relationship with the organization - you work and you are paid for it. At Zepo we are trying to cultivate a democratic environment where members just don't feel part of the system but the one who is running the system". Their method of company's policy-making testifies Nitin's statement.

Any member at Zepo can propose a policy whichever he deems is right and required. "A proposal can be as puny as 'shorts on Friday policy' to something as critical as hiring policy," says Nitin. Every new proposition is put on ballot and members are asked to cast their vote and suggest amendments. Finally, if the majority (roughly 80 percent) is in favor, then that proposition turns into a policy.

Another way through which Zepo is trying to lend more ownership to members is by aiming to build a transparent system. "Every member at Zepo has access to the P&L sheet of the company, which essentially imparts them the right to question any financial decision of Zepo. Further you can question anyone anything, as long as it is about Zepo and it shall be answered," says Nitin.

But other than the democratic setup and transparency, Zepo's pitch to the prospective hires is the 'school-of-learning environment'. Zepo has various programs in place with the objective to give learning opportunity to its members. One of them is work-in-different department according to which any member post her six months completion in Zepo can opt to work in any department of her choice. Then there are open projects in which any member can enroll to learn outside her department. Zepo is currently is in the process of introducing more such programs through the same polling method.

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