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REAN Cloud Solutions: Nurturing Aficionados with a 'Can Do' Attitude

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kanak Prabha
Cloud is not just a buzzword in the technology domain anymore, but has become the 'new norm' and one cannot risk staying outdated. Hence, in their quest to offer best in class cloud services, REAN Cloud Solutions have assembled a good mix of bright and young talent out of top colleges and the best minds/talents from the industry, who have years of cloud expertise, clear vision and required skill set to make it big. They mentor individuals who are driven, enthusiastic and great team players with a 'can do' attitude to become top-notch professionals.

The company is made up of integrated mix of both fresher's those who are flexible and keen to learn and experts entrenched with 20 years of experience. To keep these aficionados up-to-date with the latest technology trends of the industry, REAN has developed best-practices architecture library with secure templates for global enterprise applications. The company provides their employees with the best-in-class training and certification courses to progress and outshine as a professional. Sekhar Puli, Managing Partner, REAN Cloud, says, "To increase the business skill of a fresher, every four fresher has been given the opportunity to work with a senior, who guides them in each step of their career till the time their journey towards turning dreams into reality comes true".

A True Expert to Rely

As innovations in Cloud in general and especially around the Amazon Cloud offerings there arose a dire need for a partner with expertise and skills who would delve deep in to navigating the complexity of the cloud and leveraging it for innovation and growth. Hence, to strengthen their foothold in the market, REAN partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver custom cloud solutions along with change management and deployment orchestration for managed cloud solutions (MCS) to help global enterprises become agile and productive. The company's global team of 50+ comprises of AWS certified solution architects and senior consultants who boast of deep expertise on both AWS and cloud to assist customers with round the clock delivery and support. Having a rich client portfolio, REAN has a very successful track record of delivering success within Amazon, with focus on regulated markets i.e. Financial, Healthcare, Education and Government sectors.

They say, companies who have transformed their thinking by putting employees first are bound to win the customer service game all the time. Thereby, being devoted to foster long-standing relationships with global organizations as their preferred Cloud partner, REAN has been steadily working towards growing a committed team to support the ever-expanding client base resulting in exponential growth of the brand. Being an employee centric organization, the firm not only offers a healthy and progressive work environment but has come up with creative office spaces which offer an interesting combination of fun and work to aid in high employee engagement and motivation.

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