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Netskope: Relish the Bliss of Creativity & Innovation

Rashmisree Deb
Assitant Editor-siliconindia
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
An American entrepreneur and businessperson, J. Willard Marriott once quoted, "If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself". It is this ethos that mirrors in the work environment at Netskope, helping it to stand out from the crowd. While most startups pop up with small teams, long working hours and close quarters, the best minds of Netskope seem to love walking the different path where they own the bliss of creativity, energy and practicality. The company offers a positive and enthusiastic employee-friendly work culture with a bunch of cushy benefits.

Headquartered in Los Altos with offices in London and India, Netskope is the leader in Cloud app analytics and policy enforcement. With cloud security imbibed in its DNA, the company enables its clients to find, understand and secure Cloud apps in real-time and across any app. While the company pushes their boundaries of innovations to provide a technology-powered business, they have never failed to push their employees to limelight either. With over 140 employees worldwide, the typical Silicon Valley entity embraces a young, dynamic and exciting environment which endeavors to make their crew's journey fun and interesting, while also empowering them to work in a fast-paced environment. "Netskope's philosophy is 'work smart, create impact, have fun and make money'. Engineers love to solve problems with various tools and businesses love to make profit. It's easy to draw synergy if every employee is encouraged to be a leader and set free to pursue her creative instincts. That's central to Netskope's employee engagement philosophy," affirms Alok Kothari, Managing Director, Netskope.

The 2012 born company finds the right way to stay connected with its employees by offering competitive salaries and benefits including healthcare insurance (not only for them, but also for their family members), team lunches, over night team outings, adventure activities and fun spirits while also giving them opportunity to savor the festive seasons. Apart from this, the company gives great emphasis to the safety of women employees. They are not encouraged to work late nights, but in case if they have to, Netskope ensures that they reach home safe.

To keep its employees engaged and motivated, Netskope provides yearly appraisals and boosts the morale of its employees by providing in-house trainings, thus encouraging them to perform better in order to bring out the best results. "We always believed that the manager's job is to remove the hurdles from in front of their employees, to set the right direction, set goals, help in each way he can and allow employees to succeed. If one calls for help he does everything that he can do to help them," says Alok.

The Dynamics for Success

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