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Giftxoxo: Transforming Experiences into Cherished Memories Not Just for Customers but for Employees Too

Brinda Das
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Brinda Das
An invasive optimistic work culture is that citadel which binds all the employees of an organization together. When the ambience of the workplace is filled with positivity, employees look forward to their work and showcase their willingness to take up new projects and come up with extraordinary results. Creating this constructive and encouraging atmosphere makes a company create a benchmark in the market and helps its business stand tall against competitions.

With a clear and explicit rationale, articulated as an effortless grand initiative (an idea with which all the employees connect to) Giftxoxo.com was incepted in early 2012. The venture was started with an initiative to create an atmosphere of buoyancy at the workplace by a group of four passionate individuals - Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar and Kushal Agarwal who are from various walks of life. The quartet had a vision to create breathtaking experiences for people that they would cherish for life. Enabling people to live their dreams, Giftxoxo strive to provide personal touch to each activity. Whether it is social brunches, creative date activities, wellness therapies, offbeat travel or others; the company works with location's best service providers to create unique experiences for its clients that can also be gifted to their loved ones. "We have over 100 services providers helping us offer more than 2000 curated experiences across India. We have close to 400 corporate clients and 20000+ happy customers so far," says Manoj Agarwal, Co-Founder, Giftxoxo.com.

Giftxoxo believes that personalized gifts in the form of etched to the heart experiences boosts up the satisfaction level of individuals as they find greater happiness in them. In the pursuit to bequest people with packages of contentment, the company also believes in creating an atmosphere of confidence in the workplace for the staff members to develop their personal and professional traits. "'Teamwork' is considered as a mantra for success at Giftxoxo. Under the constant pursuit to do something new and innovative, our highly motivated team strives to 'go the extra mile' by providing spontaneous suggestions, views, spurs to fellow workers which helps them in developing an interest in the services that they provide to our customers, which are beyond their expectations and courtesies and offer complete attentiveness and personal interests," adds Manoj.

Transparency being one of its core values, the venture deems in keeping all its employees well-informed about all strategic and management decisions, thereby enabling to attain their set goals and objectives easily. Appraisal also helps the employees in achieving their goals as it gives them a sense of celebration of the fact that they contain infinite possibilities within themselves.
With offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore as its headquarter, the company has an integrated team of freshers and experienced individuals which enable a mutual learning process and also generate a fun-filled environment where everyone works together despite their discrepancy in years of experience. There is a constant exchange of knowledge between all the members of Giftxoxo which upgrades individual skills. Also, external training programs are conducted by experts to boost the professional growth of the employees.

Amidst a staff who is personally driven towards organizational and personal success, the venture envisions to become one of the biggest experience and activities companies of the world in future who would multiply the proportion of happiness in the globe.

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