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Connovate: A Venture Where Innovation Transforms the IoT Sphere

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Connected devices are the lifeline of IoT and the world is madly moving towards it. This has steered huge demand of companies who can provide hassle-free and unique devices. But this calls for brilliant minds to work together to bring such devices to life. The three-year old company Connovate has successfully done this. The 20 people team, who are associated with the company since its inception in 2012, have all inclined their vision with that of the company and helping it emerge as one of the best makers of the connected innovative products. "Our niche focus and the thirst to remain agile have always enlightened our work process. We look to grow our team to just 35 as we believe that a bigger team dilutes everything, be it quality of thinking, innovativeness or interaction," says Bahubali V Shete, CEO & Managing Director, Connovate.

The company follows an induction plan. Depending on what skill sets the employees come with, they are given the required training on different technologies and products that the company uses. Before putting them to the actual job, these new joinees are given a chance to perform test on the product so as to understand the importance of good quality design. The flat organizational structure has minimized the hierarchical ladder and employees gain an easy access to the management, including Bahubali, to help them resolve their grievances. "If any technical problem pops up, I resolve it along with the help of engineers. And for any other issue, I am just a door away from them," asserts Bahubali. The company encourages its employees to talk to each other, which brings the feeling of togetherness and belongingness. This also helps to maintain a transparent work environment where decisions and plans are not kept behind walls.

Employees are encouraged to bring their ideas and thoughts to the table irrespective of their level within the organization. These ideas are then discussed, debated, approved, implemented or discarded. This assures employees with the sense of value in contributing towards the success of the organization. Also, any innovation that adds value to the clients is welcomed with open hands. The company celebrates these small and big successes, birthdays and other occasions just like a family.

Appreciations come verbally without wasting time in awarding dying slow. Connovate follows a 360� appraisal system where an individual does self appraisal and then approaches his boss. "We motivate our employees in two ways: we take care of their financial worries and we take care of their personal growth and profile development," explains Bahubali.

Connovate soon to be Hubble India, was acquired by Hubble Connected Limited last year a world leader in IoT PaaS solution. Hubble has high profile clientele such as Motorola, Binatone, and many more with more than 300,000 devices on its PaaS platform. Connovate with its BLE platform joined hands with Hubble, now becomes the technology hub for Hubble worldwide. With this transformation to Hubble, Connovate offers best of both the worlds in terms of agile working like startups and strong funding backup from Hubble makes most secure but quite an innovative environment to work.

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