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ConveGenius: Fun & Rewarding Culture with Almost Zero Attrition Rate

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Nobody screams 'Thank God it's Wednesday', that's when employees are racked with an mid-week hump. But ConveGenius, a next-generation edutainment solution provider, keeps employees pumped up all week long by taking them to movies on Wednesdays thereby, keeping the week's productivity balanced. Considering that the Noida-based company is renowned for making education fun and rewarding, it is no wonder that ConveGenius achieved an almost zero percent attrition rate by leveraging the same techniques in its own office culture. Aside from rewarding performers with a six month appraisal system and monthly awards, ConveGenius also appreciates people who contribute towards extracurricular and team building activities with Meetha Moment Award a surprise box of chocolates. "The idea is to create a fulfilling environment for innovation and creativity," explains Shashank Pandey, Co-Founder, ConveGenius.

In 2010, when the first iPad was released, a couple of IIIT-Hyderabad students Jairaj Bhattacharya and Shashank Pandey were ardently researching low-cost Tablet education. Strongly believing that tablets can add a lot of value in education, the duo registered ConveGenius in India (2013) and Singapore (2014). Amidst other eLearning companies who provide content at premium rates, ConveGenius is transforming digital education by gamifying the learning process, which compels even easily-distractible students to learn. Kids learning through ConveGenius get CG points that can be redeemed for playing games or even buying toys. Apart from doing well in terms of market acceptance and traction, the company also won awards like Best Student Entrepreneur Award-2014 from Singapore, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund in India, and top 10 companies of PRAISE at the Sankalp Forum. "Value is generated both by impact and having a solid business model, it not just about the money you make today, but the kind of difference you create for years to come. Hence, we as founders decided to create something disruptive for Education that has the potential to influence a whole generation," says Jairaj Bhattacharya.

The company recruits young enthusiasts from premium institutes & regional universities and creates a perfect blend of healthy competitiveness. The organization is structured to equip everyone with an opportunity to grow together and learn from each other.

Employees at ConveGenius keep themselves updated through 'Coffee Hangouts' - a video conference that connects them with experts from other corners of the world. As the company also has clients worldwide including Malaysia and Indonesia, ConveGenius believes that it is imperative for its team to have global exposure. As a training & development measure, the company ensures that every product manager, content developer and designer spends a week on the field to improvise and innovate on the product perpetually.

As the entire work can be done on cloud, they are bestowed with work from home options as well. The company being a start-up ensures that its people live in nearby vicinity, so the company cab can drop them without frittering ample time in Delhi-NCR traffic. Prevention measures are communicated well to women employees. As everything is going digital, ConveGenius is fully-inclined to grow in India and intends to emerge as a market leader in edutainment. Considering that the company has adopted an innovative business model unlike traditional players, it is safe to say that ConveGenius is not far from its goal.

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