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Rplus Analytics: An Endeavor that Magnetizes Talent

Brinda Das
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Brinda Das
HR experts have predicted that in 2015, major IT companies will recruit individuals for the domains of business analytics, big data and cloud computing which are booming areas in today's digital era. The demand for business analysts in India is growing with every passing day and as per the estimation of the management consulting firm McKinsey, the country will have more than two lakh business analysts in the coming years keeping in mind the data growth and industry requirements.Business experts also predict that the business analytics sphere in India will outdo that of the world within the span of few years.

With the rising popularity of business analytics, companies are in a continuous rush to recruit skilled and passionate individuals in order to meet the needs of the industry and craft a cutthroat perimeter. To meet this requirement for skilled human resource, a positive work culture where individuals grow both personally as well as professionally is needed. This not only attracts proficient employees, but also helps in retaining them for long. Keeping this factor in mind, Rplus Analytics - erstwhile Rukshaya Emerging Technologies, a business analytics company, incepted in Bengaluru in 2012 by K G S Saravanan and Dr. Raghavendra D Y, provides a challenging and flexible work culture to its employees, which helps in magnetizing and nurturing the pool of talent in the organization. Every new employee who joins the Rplus plants a sapling, which symbolizes nurturing, growing and innovating through nature.

Apart from providing cutting edge ready-to-deploy analytical products, Rplus works on specific domain and solution areas where a complete gamut of services is provided to the clients beginning from the analytics entry strategy to execution. The venture also has employees who work on different data mining and machine learning algorithms based on which predictive and prescriptive analytics leading to decision management are provided to the clients.

With its offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, London and Boston, Rplus offers a workplace that is not only about personal growth, freedom, learning and ownership; but is also a lot more about work contentment which comes when an individual is given the assurance that his/her work is recognized by experts. This is why Rplus which started with five people has grown profoundly to boast of about 50 eminent analytics experts as their employees today. The employees of the company have developed a bond of trust with the organization as it has played a significant role in shaping their personalities and career with the help of both in-house training as well as industry exposure, which fine tunes their dexterities and also contributes towards their individual intensification. "We hire employees who are not just knowledgeable but are passionate about making a difference with data. Thus, we also encourage our employees to undergo online courses to enhance their skillsets and keep abreast of new developments," asserts KGS.Saravanan, Co-Founder & CEO, Rplus Analytics. The employees of the company have the suppleness to explore analytic areas of their choice to identify their true potential resulting in first-rate outcomes. Also, the performances of the employees are reviewed with the help of a 'gamified leader board' based on which recognition and rewards are showered upon outstanding employees which encourage them to perform better. The company believes in rewarding its members for their outstanding contribution on a regular basis in order to keep them motivated.

Keeping the employees contended by providing them an optimistic ambience to work in, Rplus envisions to enhance its skills in developing cloud-based Analytic products for the U.S., UK and South Asian markets. Also, the company foresees to expand its decision science team to about 200 plus in the next two years to meet the demands of business analytics in the coming days.

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