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December-2016  - Special issue
In My Opinion
Author: Pavan Kumar Bandaru
Over the last 3 to 4 years, there is a sudden surge in the trend and shift in focus on evangelizing and monetizing an organizations data. more>>

Brand of the Year 2016

si Team
Everyone is looking for that sweet spot where an unfilled need or desire leaves consumers primed to buy as soon as a good... more>>

Brand of the Year - Open Source Telephony

si Team
Adoption of IP PBX is increasing tremendously and the market is likely to witness a magnificent growth. more>>

Brand of the Year - Adventure & Sports

si Team
It was early October 2012 when Sharad Gupta and Anjali Garg at last selected a technology partner after RFP and due-diligence... more>>

Brand of the Year - ERP - Restaurant Solutions

si Team
Ajay Pathare started programming and development from his early college days. After completing his Engineering, Ajay began... more>>

Brand of the Year - Online Education

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Over the past one decade Information Technology has breached Education system with mobile technology getting deeper into the... more>>

Brand of the Year - Instant Office

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While accelerator programs have long offered perks to startups in terms of incubation to thrive innovation and make the product... more>>

Brand of the Year - RFID System

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The opportunities in Indian RFID landscape are immense as the country girds up to take itself to its rightful place in the world. more>>

Brand of the Year - IoT

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India and almost every country across the world are dealing with rapid urbanization, which in turn creates pressures on... more>>

Brand of the Year - Software Services

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GGK Technologies was born when two former employees of Microsoft Corporation decided to start their own venture to provide the... more>>

Brand of the Year 2016 – Game Development

si Team
Not so long ago, games could not gain enough momentum in India due to lack of accessibility for gaming PCs & consoles and also... more>>

Brand of the Year - E-Procurement

si Team
Procurement is a highly sensitive, susceptible & critical business function which accounts for majority of spend of any... more>>

Brand of the Year – City Taxi Services

si Team
It's been not more than a decade since entrepreneurs embarked on the 'clicks-away' conveyance ticket booking revolution in... more>>

Brand of the Year - Collaboration Solutions

si Team
Collaboration technology is the defining platform for the 21st century, and Mithi believes, the benefits of technology should... more>>

Brand of the Year – Mobile Application Development

si Team
The year was 2010 when Sahil Gupta sensed the need of addressing the growing needs of businesses to reduce time to market their... more>>

Brand of the Year - ERP Implementation

si Team
India is growing digital and is competing with the world in many aspects. more>>

Brand of the Year - Global Reservation System

si Team
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it" - believes Jaal Shah. Believing this, Jaal under the guidance of his father,... more>>

Brand of the Year – Machine Learning Training and Consultancy

si Team
We are in the middle of a historic moment. In the conventional paradigm a computer has to be programmed, so that it can perform... more>>

Brand of the Year - UX/ UI

si Team
The current UX/UI scenario in India has changed since the industry has matured to realise the value and potential of UX in... more>>

Brand of the Year - Webcasting & Live Streaming Platform

si Team
With the help of its outstanding leadership, dedication to excellence, and an inherent innovative spirit, Webstream has... more>>

Brand of the Year – WiFi Hotspots

si Team
The year was 2004. The global wi-fi industry was in its nascent stages then and there were very few product startups as most of... more>>

CXO Insights

Manas Agrawal - CEO, Co-Founder, Affine Analytics
These days, companies of all sizes are hiring consultants to help solve complex business challenges - be it RoI related more>>
Parag Arora - Area Vice President, Citrix Systems India Pvt Ltd.
Consumerisation of IT has had a glorious impact on the enterprise landscape. more>>
Varun Manian - Managing Director, Radiance Realty
One of the globally recognised sectors - the real estate market is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. more>>
Abhijit Sarkar, Vice President & Country Head-Corporate Real Estate, Administration & Infrastructure
Real Estate plays a significant role in Corporate Strategies, wherein In Overall Planning as firms cope with economic downturn more>>
Niranjan K Ramakrishnan - CIO (IT), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
According to the Medical Device Interoperability Coordinating Council (MDICC)'s report dated March 2013 more>>
Devendra Kumar Vyas - CEO, SREI Equipment Finance Ltd.
We as humans have increasingly sought connectivity with our fellow beings. more>>
Ronobijay Bhaumik - VP & Head – Sales Analytics & Commercial Pricing, Star India
Listen. Get Data. Think. Get Data. Evaluate. Get Data. Analyze. Get Data. Synthesize. Decide. Transform. more>>
Kamlesh Mhashilkar - Head ABIM (Analytics, Big Data and Information Management) Delivery - Digital Enterprise, Tata Consultancy Services
The perimeter of human cognition evolves from self to community to universe over a period. more>>
Vinod Krishnan - CIO, Usha International
Over the years, CIOs have worked very hard to align continuously to business initiatives and to ensure that IT operates in sync more>>
Jayanta Dey - Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Manufacturing & Technology, Wipro Limited
Telecommunications is among the few industries shaping the future of mankind. more>>
Ravi Bhola & Shreya Dave - Partner & Head, Associate, Litigation, K&S Partners
It is often said that "Knowledge is Power..." "...But not unless one can enforce it". added an IP Attorney. more>>


Nandini Mukherjee
It's difficult to imagine a more inspirational branding success story than Apple. more>>

Brand of the Year - Product Development & Innovation

si Team
Product development and innovation is a crucial aspect for every business. A well planned product development strategy is the... more>>

Brand of the Year - Education Technology

si Team
With newer startups & business enterprises popping up with the objective of complementing the entire learning process across... more>>
si Team
Governments across the world are realizing the positive impact of empowering citizens by leveraging technology to provide more... more>>

Brand of the Year - Bitcoin

si Team
Bitcoins are making inroads in India as a mode of payment. India currently has around 400,000 bitcoin enthusiasts, with 100,000 of more>>

Cover Story

Anamika Sahu
By 2050, India will have more than one billion people eligible to enter the job market according to United Nations estimates. more>>

Brand of the Year - Automotive

si Team
Automobile production has grown at a CAGR of 10.5 percent between FY 2005 and 2015 in India, and the industry accounts for 7.1... more>>

Brand of the Year - IT Training

si Team
Educational institutions train millions of youngsters but corporates often complain that they do not get the necessary skill... more>>

Brand of the Year - Professional University

si Team
It is said that the road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the... more>>

Brand of the Year - Product Development & Platform Engineering

si Team
EPAM, founded in 1993, started as a partner to some of the largest software companies in the world and, over the course of the... more>>

Brand of the Year - Mobility for Business

si Team
Mapping the trend across India for the last decade shows that manual business operations have been taken over by desktop computers more>>

Brand of the Year - Real Estate

si Team
When you love your work, it shows - staunchly believes team Rohan Builders. With this ideology, Pune based Rohan builders, more>>

Brand of the Year - Healthcare IT Solutions

si Team
Technological innovation has been the basis for the growth and evolution of all industries. more>>

Brand of the Year - Online Jewellery

si Team
India is one of the major consumers of gold and diamond jewelry in the global market. more>>

Brand of the Year - Web & Mobile Products

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We live in a world that has narrowed down to our smartphones and laptops more>>

Brand of the Year - Insurance Broker Software

si Team
The beginning of a new era in the insurance industry saw proliferation of new products and distribution channels which promoted... more>>

Brand of the Year - Digital Printing Products

si Team
The textile, packaging and several other sectors in India have been using traditional analog printing technologies for hundreds... more>>
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