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MavenVista: Streamline Procurement Process Via Automation For Best Price Discovery

si Team
Monday, January 16, 2017
si Team
Procurement is a highly sensitive, susceptible& critical business function which accounts for majority of spend of any organization. Every percentage reduction in the cost of raw materials & supplies leads to direct positive impact on bottom line of the organziations.

MavenVista brings here its years of procurement domain expertise coupled with state of the art technology to bring unparallel optimization and convenience in the procurement function leveraging internet technology. VENDX, the wholistic transactional engine evolved by MavenVista with embedded analytics can seamlessly integrate with any well known ERPs & connects buyers with suppliers globally on real time to select effortlessly best buying options.

VENDX, by far is the most realistic sourcing solution. Explaining further, Suhrid Shah, CEO, MavenVista speaks, "Procurement is a very critical business function across all segments of industries and size of the organizations. In order to survive and foster in the dynamically changing world, organizations across the sectors and size are required to be more competitive. To assist this critical needs MavenVista offers variants of VENDX to meet different challenges as per the size & industry sectors with imbibed best processes to streamline decision making process for cost optimization".

"We offer three variants of VENDX including VENDX Basic, VENDX Professional and VENDX Enterprise Version to suit the needs and pockets of all size of industries, be it SMEsor large enterprises," speaks Suhrid. All its state-of-the-art solutions are offered on the SaaS Model. This ensures zero efforts from the client on technology infrastructure, technology management and maintenance and upgradation to ensure sustained and enhanced offerings for all times to come & provide instant ROI.

Weaving its strength and vision in the name, MavenVista truly performs as a trusted expert who extends knowledge for the benefits for others on long term basis. The company breeds this philosophy to transmit sustainable benefit to its customers.Most of their customers are primarily from manufacturing companies, Pharma, Chemicals, Textiles, Steel, FMCG and engineering companies. "VENDX, our branded solution is very well placed among our customers and the industry and each of our customers is the testimonial for our product and its performance and the backup services of our support team," avers Suhrid.

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